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Among the handful cosmetic procedures and treatments available, liposuction has been the long favorite of both men and women wanting to get rid of excess and unwanted fat on most part of the body, especially, the mid section area. It’s one of the best options since this wonderful technique would bring about a much cleaner, sculptured appearance, and a natural-looking figure. Conventional liposuction is very much effective on eliminating those fat deposits but when it comes to cellulites or fatty tissues trapped in between the skin layers, the common liposuction method would have a hard time dealing so. Hence, one of the alternatives and a solution to this concern is the recently introduced aqua liposuction or sometimes referred to as the water liposuction or body-jet liposuction.

Before getting into the details of this cosmetic procedure, it is a must that we get familiarized with the nature of cellulites. Contrary to the popular belief, cellulites and excess fat deposits are distinct from each other. Cellulite is neither aided/eliminated by diet nor exercise. Some surgeons on the other hand note that in some cases, conventional liposuction methods may even lead to the further exhibition of the cellulite deposits in the body brought about by the changes in the texture and tone of the skin after the liposuction procedure. The good thing about aqua liposuction is that, fat and cellulite removal is targeted at the same time.

What is Aqua Liposuction?

Aqua liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that can be considered as one of the best alternative to traditional liposuction. This new method of liposuction employs smaller incisions and cannula tubes which minimizes most health risk including instances of scarring and the necessity of stitches. Aqua liposuction uses tumescent or water-based fluid injections to break down and eliminate excessive fats and cellulites. This type of liposuction involves two methodologies; the laser lipolysis for tightening of the skin and the body “jet”, a pressurized water emitting equipment to remove fats and cellulite.

How does Aqua Liposuction work?

Aqua liposuction uses water or water-based tumescent fluid injections to flash out and break down the excess fat deposits. This method of breaking down fats is done prior to the surgery itself and purposely made so that the hardened fat deposits can be gently aspirated from the body. After the breaking down of fats, suction cannula tubes are applied. Contrary to the conventional liposuction treatments that only uses fluids prior to the suction itself; aqua liposuctions employ the aid of water flushing all throughout the entire duration of the treatment.

The water used for this type of procedure is a customized solution of water, lidocaine, and epinephrine. This solution is tough enough to target even the hard to rich fat tissues hiding in between the layers of the skin. This special fluid solution is injected or introduced in a flush or “jet” stream serving as fat breaker and at the same time to anesthetize tissue. The entire procedure is not administered under a general anesthesia and is performed even the patient is wide awake.

Is Aqua Liposuction effective?

A patient who has undergone an aqua liposuction procedure should expect a more beautiful and silhouette figure with great reduction in fats in areas that were treated. Since this cosmetic procedure is less invasive compared to its conventional counterparts, aqua liposuction would create less tissue trauma and substantial decrease in nerve damage. Aqua liposuction is also very much effective in getting rid of cellulites and other fatty tissues which can be hardly eliminated by the traditional liposuction methods. This surgery also may also be undertaken with a shorter time frame or shorter downtime. Aqua liposuction is also effective at eliminating fat deposits on all other body parts like the face, abdomen, knees, jowls, arms, thighs, buttocks, and hips.

Who may undergo Aqua Liposuction surgery?

According to the proponents of the aqua liposuction, the best candidates for this treatment are those that are in their best or very good health and ideally for those that are not overweight by more than 25 pounds. Individuals who have concerns on localized, exercise-resistant fats deposits would surely be benefited by this procedure. Of course, prior to undergoing any cosmetic surgery, it is advised that a patient should primarily consult his or her doctor since most individual with existing health conditions of some sorts are not advice to avail of this kind of surgery. Persons taking blood-thinning medications should also refrain from availing of the treatment.

Aqua Liposuction risks and side-effects

In any cosmetic or medical surgery or treatment, there are corresponding risks involved but in the case of aqua liposuction, these risks and health hazards are enormously minimized compared to the older liposuction types. With aqua liposuction, the following health risks are identified: swelling or edema, numbness, tenderness, bleeding, bruising, infection, and contour irregularities brought about by uneven fat suction or treatment. Patients who are not ideal to undergo said surgery would have higher rates and other types of risks and hazards. Said risks may also result from the patient’s inability to follow the surgeon’s instructions or prescription before and after the operation itself where in such case, complication would become a problem.

How much does aqua liposuction cost?

Certainly, a deciding factor to avail of the subject procedure is its relative surgery cost. It’s pretty hard to cite a specific cost since there are a lot of factors that determines the price of the procedure. One of the initial concerns is the availability of an expert surgeon trained and duly licensed to administer the said cosmetic procedure, for it is worthy to note that there are just but limited surgeons offering this new type of specialized treatment. Equipment availability is the next concern, is the doctor and equipment already available in your locality? But for all the patients who have already planned in availing said medical treatment, expect a price average of around $4,000 to $6,000. Finally, you might also want to consider the particular area you want to eliminate fat from or the extent of the procedure required.

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