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Before stepping on to the operating room or chamber or even before saying yes to the doctor, you must have agreed or at least knowledgeable on the cost of arm lift (also known as brachioplasty) cosmetic procedure that shall be administered unto you by your doctor. For the beauty conscious from the richer class or society, price is the least among the consideration, but for us lay individuals we might have some alternatives in mind to be able to gather that sum required to pay for our arm lift cosmetic procedure. The costs of arm lift can usually be traced on three factors or categories of expense. One is the costs of anesthesia, depending if it is local or general.

Another is the clinic or hospital and facility costs associated with the procedure. This already includes the cost of operating the machine that would contour out your arms. And finally, the bulk goes to the surgeon’s fees. Based on patient reviews and doctors’ average prices the cost of arm lift may range from $3,000 up to $50,000 depending on the rigorousness of the arm lift procedure undertaken.

Cheapest Arm Lift in Bel Air, Maryland

The cheapest and satisfactory arm lift procedure can be found on Bel Air, Maryland with costs of about $3,600. Cindy, a patient who has undergone the said procedure is extremely happy with the results of the operation and it is well worth the costs including the drains, swelling and scars she had initially observed which were gone after a few weeks time. She commends her doctor, Dr H: “Dr. H is a very caring compassionate doctor. With my initial consultation, he took the time to answer all my questions and concerns.  Dr. H called me the evening before surgery to ask if I had any last minute questions or concerns, and he also called me the evening of my surgery to see how I was feeling. I have had a lot of surgeries in my life, but I have never had a doctor take the time to personally call to check up on me like that, and I was extremely impressed with the fact that Dr. H took the time to do this”

Cheapest Arm Lift in Honolulu, Hawaii

Crossing down the pacific to the islands of Hawaii in search of the best yet cheapest arm lift would direct us to Honolulu. Lana, a patient who has undergone arm lift in Honolulu has undergone a Gastec bypass causing her to loss massive weight and thus leaving excessive skin behind. She was happy that she was able to locate an arm lift expert in her local hospital who has done the job. With the $3,800 she had paid for the procedure, Lana is now much more confident with her figure.

Cheapest Arm Lift in Redding, California

California will not be left behind when we talk about health, beauty and cosmetic experts. Among the numerous states, California has resident cosmetic surgeons that are well experienced yet budget friendly on arm lift cosmetic procedures. In Redding, California a patient is happily telling her story on the arm lift procedure she had availed for the price of $4,000. Although her doctor’s name was not cited, she commends her doctor: “Considers himself an artist, and works thoroughly and meticulously to help you achieve the aesthetic you desire.”

Among the rooster of arm lift experts, Dr. Elizabeth Lee can be one of those that are highly recommended. The well skilled and intelligent doctor never fails to take care of her patients as well, removing all the doubts that may be present on the patient’s mind. Her clinic is located at Berkeley at 2999 Regent St. Suite 401, Berkeley, California.

Cheapest Arm Lift in Portland, Oregon

When it comes to Oregon, the doctor who has received commendable praises in administering arm lift cosmetic procedures is Dr. John S. Lee whose clinic is located at 2363 NW Flanders St., Portland Oregon. His patients are satisfied with the arm lift procedures he administers and that according to them the $5,000 they have paid for the procedure is well worth it. One of his patients notes: “My Dr has made my journey through this so easy and stress free. I would Highly Recommend Him! He’s very calm and makes you feel at ease at all times. Patti his Nurse was wonderful to work with and made every visit so comfortable for me. Go to see my Dr if you want the body you have always wanted! :)”

Cheapest Arm Lift in Overland Park, Kansas

When in Kansas and considering having an arm lift procedure, the price should be well close to $5,500 since this is the cheapest arm lift cost based on the actual prices that patients have paid. Among the cosmetic surgeons in this locality, Dr. Jeffrey Dillow is among those who had received positive reviews from satisfied clients. One patient notes that the doctor is: “Very professional! I had my surgery Labor Day weekend and he even gave me his cell phone number to call him on Monday to give him an update on my progress!” Dr. Dillow’s clinic can be visited anytime at 5401 College Boulevard, Suite 203, Leawood, Kansas.

Cheapest Arm Lift in Houston, Texas

The cheapest arm lift surgery in Houston Texas is at $6,400 administered by Dr. John LoMonaco. A patient who has made a review of his service certainly tells that she is very much happy of the results including the budget friendly price: “Dr. L is caring and knowledgeable. He always has time to talk to you and explain procedures, possible outcomes, risks, etc. I never felt hurried during any of our appointments and know that I would be able to get a hold of him within minutes if I had an emergency.” When you plan to visit the doctor’s clinic, it is located at 1009 Missouri St., Houston Texas.

Cheapest Arm Lift in Tampa, Florida

When doing arm lift surgery in Tampa Bay area, arm lift procedure is also available at an average cost of $13,000. Though a patient says that the price is a bit costly, the results gained after the procedure is well worth it. The doctor of choice in here is Dr. Jaime Perez located at 307 S. MacDill Avenue, Tampa, Florida. A very satisfied patient commends him a follows: “Dr. and his staff are sincere, caring, confident and honest. I had my arm wings removed and my breasts lifted. After just 1.5 weeks post surgery I feel like a new person. The results are already wonderful and I am still healing. I truly believe that my Dr. cares about his patient’s best interest and long term health. I feel very fortunate to have found him and highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for a doctor who listens and is an expert in his field.”

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