Average cost of liposuction

This is a comprehensive guide to let you know the average cost of liposuction. Before going into the pricing guide, do note that liposuction prices differ by quite a bit and ranges between states and cities. So, when you read any pricing information, you need to mentally note that you might not get the same prices unless you go back to the exact surgeon with the exact areas that needs to be worked on.

In general, the average price of liposuction is USD5,700. This price covers the four components of liposuction: (i) the fees of the surgeons (ii) the cost for the use of the facility (iii) the use of anesthetic and (iv) the use of compression garments to help in the recovery of the patient.

As I mentioned above, the average cost of liposuction differs between states. In general, bigger cities tend to be more expensive than smaller cities.  Below is a the average prices for the different states.

Average cost of liposuction in Austin, Texas: USD3,000

Average cost of liposuction in New York City
The prices in NYC are a bit random, with prices as high as USD10,000 to as low as USD2,500. If you want to know the cheapest or most affordable liposuction nyc, here is one of the recommendations I have seen. A surgeon by the name of Dr Dr. John C. Lee from the clinic in New York Ear and Eye Infirmary hospital. The cost of liposuction was around USD3,200 and was for stomach liposuction.

(Updated: Please see liposuction nyc for on information on where to find cheap liposuction specialists in nyc)

Average cost of liposuction in Miami, Florida: USD3,000 to USD4,000
A recommended surgeon in Miami who charges around USD4,000 is Dr. Wendell Perry. According to the patient, this is what she said: “He is so down to earth. Easy to talk to. When it comes to surgery though he is very serious. You will love your new look!!”

Average cost of liposuction in Seattle, WA: USD4,500 to USD5,000
Dr Richard Baxter, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon charges around USD5,ooo for liposuction done on thighs. His reviewer said that “He’s knowledgable, professional, and realistic in setting expectations, and so far his work looks great!”. If you like to contact the surgeon, his clinic is based in 6100 219th St SW, Ste 290, Mountlake Terrace, WA.

I will cover about the average price of liposuction in other cities in my next post.

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