Cheap affordable liposuction

Cheap affordable liposuction can be obtained if you know where to look for such services. The first thing is to know what is the market prices for these liposuction services and then follow the guidelines on how to get prices that are cheaper than what the market rate. There are however several types of liposuction available for different parts of the body from liposuction legs, liposcution flanks to liposuction neck and face. I will detail the prices for these below and then give you a guideline on how you can have cheap and inexpensive liposuction.

What is the typical price of liposuction

The average price of liposuction in the united states is around $5,600. This data is from a site call realself that aggregates all the different fees paid by its members and averages that out to derive the number. There is however a huge price range that changes between cities and states. The cheapest liposuction price is around $2,000+ and can be found cities in Portland and Utah. For cities such as Florida, New York, Houston and Chicago, you will find that the prices averages around $7000 to $8000 for similar liposuction procedures.

Here is a breakdown on the different prices for the various types of liposuction:

For liposuction legs and calves, it is about $1,000 to $2,000 cheaper than liposuction done on a larger area like tummy or abdomen. How much cheaper will depend on the region as what is described above. For example, in a tummy liposuction in Portland can cost about $3,000 but a leg or calf liposuction might cost $1,000 cheaper and cost only $2,000. In a city like New York, the former might cause $8,000 and the latter might cause $6,000.

Where to find cheap and affordable liposuction

Based on the price information above, you can already see that geography plays an important role in the pricing of liposuction services. If you want to enjoy affordable liposuction, you need to know which state offers the cheapest rates available and then offset the savings if any travel expenses you might need to incur for traveling to that particular state if it is not within where you currently live. If the cost savings is higher, then I would advise you to go to another state for your operation. This is how you can get affordable liposuction.

However, be aware that price should not be the only determining factor in how you choose your liposuction surgeon. Go to forum and social networks to dig out any possible liposuction reviews that you can find. Our own site contains recommendations on doctors who specialised in laser liposuction. You might want to start from there first before going to the Web to find out more.

The absolute most affordable neck lipouction I have found in this service in Florida. It charges only $800 for a double chin liposuction. According to the review, the results were good and the patient was satisfied. Unfortunately, the name of the clinic was not revealed. I am still hunting for the name so that I can post it here as a resource for people looking for affordable liposuction.

Laser Liposuction Portland

Due to the number of people searching for information about portland, I have updated this article to include more relevant stats and info. Below are the commonly asked questions:

liposuction prices portland: I found two extreme data points. One lipo operation cost about USD13,000 for operations in inner thighs, stomach and flanks. That works out to be about USD4,000 per area. This was conducted by Dr. Shannon O’Brien. Another operation was for liposuction calf and ankle and cost about USD1,750. This is in effect one of the lowest prices I have came across. One of my readers asked me whether there was laser liposuction under USD1,000. I told her good luck trying to find one but this case in portland is pretty close.

where to find chin laser liposuction portland: the best places is to go sites like or They contains tons for information contributed by readers about the quality of services provided by the surgeon and for region.

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