Chin liposuction

Chin liposuction is a relatively new technique in laser lipo for getting rid of the fat deposit that often accumulate under the chin due to the intake of high calorie foods, genetic components, or a sedimentary lifestyle. It is a simple surgical procedure which can tighten this area and make us look better and feel good about ourselves.

Chip liposuction techniques
The latest microcannular chin liposuction technique is good for patients as they suffer fewer side effects. Chip liposuction uses tiny skin incisions compared to the very long incisions earlier used in traditional facelift surgery. The cannula can be as small as 2mm in diameter, and is not much longer than the lead of a #2 pencil.  Such a small inclusion is not possible with previous techniques. In this procedure, no general anaesthesia is required for chin liposuction as a local anesthetic will suffice. This means patients are awake and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Chip liposuction recovery time
This laser technique can dramatically reduce tissue trauma and bleeding can be decreased by as much as 90%. Swelling and bruising are also minimal to moderate and rapidly subside after liposuction chin surgery. This is why patients can have faster recovery time. In fact, most patients can normally return to work sooner, usually within the next 2-3 days, due to a quicker recovery rate.

Chip liposuction costs
The average costs for chip liposuction is $2,500 and above. The components within the costs usually comprise of the surgeon’s professional fees, the anesthetic and anesthesiologist’s fees as well as the clinical facility lease. The first 2 type costs depends very much from doctor to doctor. The third however depends on the clinic’s the clinic’s locale and the costs of living in that area with regards to the operational costs of the facility itself.

Chip liposuction risks and complications
The risks involved with laser liposuction are extremely limited but, as with all surgical procedures, a death rate of one in five thousand still exists. Hemotoma, asymmetry, lumpiness as well as numbness are all possible as well. It should be noted that women who are pregnant and nursing should never go through with this procedure, and it is crucial that all potential patients bear in mind the fact that this is actual medical surgery.

Choosing the right surgeon
As chin liposuction is dealing with the most visual part of our appearance, our face, the slightest makeover is noticeable. Hence, picking the a reputable surgeon is important. Before the surgery, it is recommended that the patient consult a doctor. The doctor and the patient should contemplate varrious scenarios during the consultation. For example, individuals wanting a stronger profile may consider combining chin liposuction with a chin implant. All questions and concerns regarding the surgery should be addressed during the initial visit; it is the doctor’s advice that will determine if chin liposuction is in your best interest.

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    This is the overall information of a liposuction procedure for an individual if they are thinking to go for a surgical treatment on their own. As its always better to get the best available knowledge from the respective surgeons for the overall procedure before we go for it, like it costs, expenses, results, benefits, recovery time from them.

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