Hi def liposculpture

This is a comprehensive guide about hi def liposculpture. This is the official name for vaser liposuction or vaser@ hi def liposculpture which I have covered extensively in the linked article above. For those who have not heard of vaser lipo, below is a summary of how does this process works and what are its costs and benefits.

What is hi def liposculpture

This is an alternative to tumescent liposuction whereby the surgeon uses ultrasound technology to contour and reshape tissues. How it works is simply simple to understand. The doctor will first create an opening in your skin and insert the vaser device. Once inside, the device will use the ultrasound to blast the fats and dissolve them. After which, a second suction device will be inserted into the patient to suck out the body fats.

Hi def lipo cost

If you want to know how much does hi def lipo cost, the average price is around USD5,600. This price differs by quite a bit by the cities in which the treatment is carried out. If you want to know the detailed pricing, you can refer to my pricing article called vaser liposuction prices. In summary, the more expensive cities such as Beverly Hills, New York, London, Dubai, Toronto etc will have higher prices. If you want to look for cheap vaser liposuction, I suggest looking in lower cost cities such as Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Detroit, Jacksonville, Columbus, Memphis, El Paso, Nashville etc. All these cities have a lower cost of living and you find cheaper prices if you look for vaser doctors there.

Is vaser hi def lipo effective

Based on a survey of 113 patients who have went through vaser lipo, 76% said that the treatment was worth the money, This is quite a high ratio and shows that vaser hi def lipo is actually quite effective. In fact, when you compared the reviews to laser liposuction, the percentage of people who voted in favour of the former is much higher than the latter. Hopefully, this will give you a good answer if you are thinking : does vaser hi def lipo work?

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