How much does double chin liposuction cost

We have taken real prices reported by patients and have aggregarated their data for your convenience. As I said many times before, liposuction pricing is not a standardised item. Prices for this procedure fluntauttes between states and cities as well as between the area where liposuction is going to be held. You will find liposuction prices for neck, chin, legs, flanks, calves etc will be cheaper than prices for larger areas such as such back, buttock, stomach etc.  In this post, we will take specific look at the cost of double chin liposuction and see how much they cost between different cities.

Cheapest double chin liposuction

The cheapest double chin lipo was from Miami, Florida. The surgeon charges only USD800 for a liposuction to the neck and chin area. The patient was satisfied with the result. She was 42 years old and had to wear the compression garment but the after effects look good. Unfortunately, she did not provide details about this surgeon. You can find the double chin review here

Prices for double chin liposuction

Here are the rest of the data that I have fond for this type of procedure. Most of the entries contain names to the surgeon.

Dr Demetrios Katsaros from Merrillville, Indiana. In case you are not aware,  Merrillville is a town in Ross Township, Lake County, Indiana. The patient was very satisfied with the chin laser liposuction Dr Katsaros, who have provided great advice during the initial consultation period. There was little bruising on the chin area, with no liposuction scars or any of the other horrible stories that you heard above. Prices wise, it was in the range of USD4,500. If you want to see the before and after photos of double chin liposuction, you can follow this URL below:

Dr Edward O. Terino, MD Simi Valley Plastic Surgeon from Westlake, California. His clinic is located at 327 S Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks, CA. Dr Terion charges a more expensive fees. For a procedure that involves sonic lipo on hips, back, stomach and knees plus chin, the cost is around USD12,000. The patient picked Dr Edware because of his long experiences, the fact that he used a MD for anstesia, and he had no mal-practice suits filed against him.

The procedure chosen by the patient was called UAL sonic wave lipo suction. It used sound waves to loosen and melts the fats before they are being removed using hollow cannulas. This procedure ensures there are less damages to your body as the fats are easier to extract. The patient was happy with the outcome. The only downside was the long recovery which took up to two months.

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