How much does neck liposuction cost

This is a pricing guide that informs you about the average cost of neck liposuction. If you want to know what are the determinants of neck lipo pricing and their costs in different countries, states and cities, this article will attempt some concrete information. However, having said that, the information is very scattered across the Web and although I try to be as comprehensive as I can, there will be pockets of missing information.

In general, one of the determinants of liposuction pricing is the amount of work that the surgeon will need to perform. Given that neck is a smaller area, the amount of work will be less and hence the cost will definite be lower than say, tummy tuck lipo.  The average price for neck liposuction ranges from USD2,000 to USD4,000. The variation depends greatly on the location where the surgeon is performed. In expensive places like London, expect the cost to be much higher than a place like Miami or San Diego.

Where to find cheap neck liposuction

I managed to find one surgeon that is very affordable and cheap. In fact, for those looking for liposuction under 1000, this is the cloest thing that I can find. Dr Ronald M. Friedman from Dallas performs neck lipo for only USD1,200. He performs the operation through a single 3 mm (one-eighth inch) incision beneath the chin under local anesthesia with laughing gas (nitrous oxide). This entire procedure typically takes around 45 minutes. Dr Ronald is an affiliate of Presbyterian Hospital of Plano and Medical Center of Plano. His clinic is located at Presbyterian Hospital 6124 W Parker Rd, Ste 232, Plano, Texas. He has a second clinic at 3101 Churchill Drive, Flower Mound, TX 75022.

Prices of liposuction in difference states

Here are some of the prices in different state in US. As I said, the information is sparse and here is what I have gathered so far.

Benton County, Arkansas: USD6,000 by Dr Mark Kendall, MD, Bentonville Plastic Surgeon
(Patient suffer from paralysis on the right side of his neck after a couple months of liposuction recovery)

Miami, Florida: USD800
(Patient was a 19 year old teenage who had a double chin. Name of doctor was not disclosed)

Kansas City, Missouri: USD2,000 by Frederick Thompson, M.D. Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
(Patient was ok with the operation which was to remove a double chin)

South Africa: USD7,200 for full neckline, my love handle area, lower abs, and the line extending from bellybutton to sternum.
(Doctor’s name was not disclosed)

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