How vaser liposelection work – is vaser liposelection effective

This is a complete guide to understand how vaser liposelection work. In addition, we have gathered customer reviews to assess which this procedure is effective and worthy of the money you will be spending.

Vaser liposelection is another term for vaser liposuction. It is a body contouring procedure that uses sound waves to first loosen and melt the fats in the targeted areas before using hollow cannulas to do the extraction. Due to the fact that the fats are already in liquid form, extracting them becomes easier and less invasive to the body. Compared to the traditional approach that need to ‘scrap’ the fats, this is more preferred approach that tend to leave less liposuction scars.

Speaking of liposuction scars, it is a very real possibility if you didn’t get a qualified liposuction surgeon. Unknown to many, it is technically legal for any doctor to practice cosmetic surgery even though he or she might be trained in this field. This has resulted in non qualified surgeon advertising such services to boast their income. These qualified might do such a bad job that it will leave a permanent scar at the area of the liposuction, be it at the tummy, buttock, legs or even love handles. When that happens, you will need another scar removal surgery to be able to get rid of the liposuction scar.

Back to the main topic, the average cost of vaser liposelection is around USD5,800. However, as mentioned in my article on how much does liposuction cost, the pricing will differ by cities and locations. Expect liposuction prices in Los Angeles to be more expensive than liposuction prices in Dallas due to the different cost of living.

As to whether vaser liposuction is effective, 76% reviews from a sample of 87 vaser lipo patients said that the procedure is worth it as it had helped them to contour their body and to remove body fats.  Again, the final factor is the surgeon. Choose a good one and the procedure will likely yield the results that you want.

If you want to know how to select liposuction surgeons, I will cover that in future articles.

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