Is zerona laser treatment effective What is zerona laser

Zerona laser treatment is a non invasive liposuction technique that has been introduced in the market since 2009. We have talked about the laser liposuction vs zerona laser treatment in our previous article. In this article, we will focus more whether there is evidence stating its effectiveness. If you are going for zerona laser reviews, this article will provide some of the actual results experienced by real people who have gone through the treatment.

Currently, you can find zerona laser in Canada, Australia, Europe and US. If you want to know who are the best zerona clinics in your area, the list below will be useful to you.

What is zerona laser treatment

Before going into its effectiveness, you need to understand what is Zerona laser treatment and how it works so that you can know what are its pros and cons.

Zerona laser is a new FDA approved level 3 non-invasive laser that makes the fat cell membranes more porous to fat so that the fatty cells can move into the membranes and be discharged from the body naturally.  However, do note that it is not a full blown fat removal procedure like liposuction. You need to combine zerona treatment with diet,moderate exercise and a vitamin supplement to achieve the effective results.

On average, a zerona patient can expect to lose 5.0 inches inches from the combined measurements of the waist, hips and thighs.

Is zerona laser treatment painful

The answer is a straight no. It is non invasive, meaning that the patient need not go through any physical surgery at all. All a patient need to go through is to sit in a zerona machine that will use laser to cause your fatty cells to move into your membrances. The entire operation has no cutting whatever so there is no bruising or swelling or other side effects at all.

How effective is zerona laser treatment

There is very little scientific evidence to show how good zerona really is. According to the site called 33% out of 39 patient said that they recommend the procedure.

Is Zerona Laser the best non-invasive fat removal procedure around

There is now a couple of these non surgical liposuction procedure around. My previous article touched on Zeltiq treatment. Currently, there is no systematic studies showing the effectiveness of all the solutions. The best way is to select a surgeon that others have said to be effective in using these non invasive fat removal procedure. If you don’t know where to look, below is a list of the best zerona surgeon around

Can zerona reshape thighs and legs

Zerona is great for losing fats around a general area such as your waistline. It is not geared towards targeted areas or one specific where you want to lose fats. Hence, for thigh or leg liposuction, other procedures as laser liposuction, vaser liposuction or slim liposuction would be more ideal.

Where to find best zerona surgeon

Here is a list of surgeon names or clinics that other patient have found to provide excellent results:

Liliana Laser in Vaughan or Thornhill, Ontario, Canada charges USD2,000 to USD2,300  for zerona laser.
Review 1: “The clinic staff were very professional and the atmosphere relaxed. They were flexible in accommodating my schedule. I would recommend the clinic and the procedure to others.”

Review 2: “The staff are very friendly and personable. They are also very accommodating. I found them to be sympathetic to my concerns and genuine in wanting me to be happy with my results.”

Review 3:”Very professional and very well informed. The clinic is very very clean and in a fantastic location. All of the staff members are so nice and treat you very well.”

Dr Carol Foulds, MD, a Kansas City Dermatologist
Location: Midwest Dermatology, P.A., 6730 W 121st St, Overland Park, KS
Price: USD2,200
Review: “Brenda (Consultant and R.N) helped to explain the procedure and map out the procedure to best fit my hectic schedule with the little one. Very professional and being a Doctor I felt very secure in my decision. The results were guaranteed and that was good enough for me. 10.2 inches overall.”

Other cities with good zerona laser reviews include Altanta Georgia and Houston. Unfortunately, the names of the surgeons or clinic were not provided so I could not give you the details here.

Zerona australia

Zerona treatment is also currently not available in Australia and Asis countries such as Thailand and Singapore. However, I know from my sources that the company definitely has plans to move into that region. If you are someone living in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, be patient as zerona laser will be available in your cities soon.

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