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This is a simple guide to laser lipo prices. Doing laser assisted liposuction is not cheap but there are sufficient variations in prices to warrant some market research. While there are no official price guide to what the laser lipo surgeons are charging, there is some guidelines that we can use to help us determine the prices of doing laser lipo.

As a recap (I have written about laser liposuction cost before), laser liposuction is about using a non-instructive mechanism to remove fats form your body.  It is a pure cosmetic surgery, which means they don’t prevent the fats from coming back. It was reported that 1 out of  500,000 people in the US alone resort to laser lipo every single year. My guess is that this number will increase as more and more people look for fast solutions to their weight problems.

Laser lipo prices are mainly determined by geography. Between states, you can find wide discrepancies in what people are paying. The reason is due to the fact that laser lipo is a fairly new operation and there isn’t enough doctors evenly distributed across the country. In areas where there are more surgeons doing laser liposuction, you will find lower prices relatively to regions where there is a lack of such surgeons.

The prices of any laser lipo operation is also determined by the area which you want to operate on. The general rule is that the larger the region, the more expensive is the operation.  Hence, if you are going for stomach related laser lipo, you will tend to pay more than if you were to go for laser lipo for your facial parts like chin or neck.

Finally, the experience of the surgeons pay a big role as well in determining laser lipo prices. A well known surgeon tend to charge more but you are paying for reassurance that he knows what he is doing. For relatively new surgeons, you will not expected to pay as much.

These are some of the important factors that you can consider when deciding the price you should be paying. As I said earlier, there is no clear and fast rule because each individual has unique need and as such, the prices of the operation may vary from person to person. Notwithstanding that, below are some guidelines to the prices that you can use as reference. Remember that the prices referred to those found in US and not in other cities like London or Canada.

Treatment area Minimum Maximum
Abdomen upper $3.000 $7.500
Abdomen lower $2.000 $2.000
Arms $1.500 $5.000
Breasts (female) $3.000 $7.500
Breasts (male) $3.000 $5.000
Buttocks $1.500 $4.500
Chin, cheeks $2.000 $4.500
Flanks (male) $2.000 $5.000
Anterior and inner thighs and knees $2.000 $5.000
Outer thighs $1.600 $5.000
Hips/Waist $1.600 $5.000

(Updated march 2010: A new post on affordable liposuction for those looking for cheap liposuction services)

One thing you might want to note is with regards to insurance. Since laser lipo is considered to be a purely cosmetic operation, it will not be cover with whatever medical insurance coverage you have. Just want to highlight this in case you are thinking of using that.

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