Laser lipo vs zerona laser

This is short post that attempts to compare the difference between laser lipo vs zerona laser. The latter has been gaining quite a bit of traction recently. Some people might get confused between the 2 terms so I thought it will be useful to have post that compares the 2 treatments in terms of procedures and costs.

In terms of procedures, laser lipo requires the physical insertion into your body while zerona laser does not. The procedure of the former involves inserting a tiny a tube into the targeted area and using the heat energy from the laser to melt the fats away. Another tiny tube is then inserted to suck the melted fats. Zerona lipo on the other hand, uses a new patented technology that melts the fats under the skin without any operation. This is the reason why a lot of people are now getting interested in the zerona treatments. They are afraid of the pain.

As a result of how the procedures differ, the recovery time is also different. For laser lipo, the patient probably needs1 t0 2 days of hospitalization to recover from the operations. Zerona lipo on other hand doesn’t need the patient to stay because there is no operation. In fact, most of the patients can go back immediately after the treatment.  The drawback however is that zerono lipo needs to be performed for about 6 times while laser lipo only requires a one time operation.

In terms of costs, they are roughly the same. Both laser lipo and zerona lipo cost about a few thousand dollars, depending on the qualifications of the surgeons as well as the area that you want the operation to be performed on. However, in terms of prices differences between the two techniques, there isn’t much.

If you want to know more about zerona laser san diego plastic surgeon, the link will take you a post I stumbled that talks about this. However, if you want to know more about vaser lipo in Flordia or laser lipo in UK, I have written about it before. Just click on the links and you can read more about the information.

I hope you will this post on laser lipo vs zerona laser useful.

See updated post on zerona laser treatment.

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