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Since the discovery of liposuction, medical experts did not stop to develop other cosmetic treatments that are safer, faster, and requires minimal downtime. A lot of cosmetic procedures have emerged with results ranging from fat and cellulite elimination to those that are capable of both fat elimination and body contouring. Among the most advanced liposuction technique involve the use of laser. Laser technology has numerous medical uses both for internal medicine and external body aesthetics. To provide the best post operation results, precision is a must; a concern that can be answered by the new LipoControl treatment.

What is LipoControl?

LipoControl is an FDA approved laser liposuction system primarily designed for elimination or treatment of localized fat deposits on the abdomen, arms, chest, waist, thighs, back, underarms, and other body parts. It is equipped and enhanced by a built-in GPS system providing precise and targeted laser heat delivery thereby avoiding chances of under and over treatment including risks of unwanted skin burns.

How does LipoControl work?

The device performs its duties similar to other laser lipolysis devices. Prior to the procedure, local anesthesia is required. A laser diode is then used to blast the targeted fat deposits. To deliver laser heat on the deep layers of the skin, a cannula tube that houses the laser is inserted via the smallest incision possible. After fat elimination, the heat emitted by the laser shall cause the tightening of the skin and trigger production of new collagen. All these procedure are guided by a precise GPS system that can be controlled by the surgeon.

Is LipoControl treatment effective?

LipoControl is effective in eliminating localized fats and reshaping of specific body areas like enumerated above. But when a patient considers going beyond, Smartlipo would still be the best option for the more rigorous fat elimination tasks. Nonetheless, this procedure is still a good surgery-free treatment leaving no scars, very minimal pain, and very short downtime and healing period. It helps stimulate the elastin fibers, promote collagen production to increase skin elasticity, and enables precise skin tissue reconstruction.

Who may undergo LipoControl treatment?

According to surgeons providing the service, LipoControl is recommended for individuals who have localized fat problems, those fat deposits that are hardened by time which couldn’t be eliminated by diet, exercise, and traditional liposuction techniques that are incapable of reaching the dermal layer of the skin. Since it is designed not for overweight individuals, the ideal patient should have a body index of around 30 or less.

LipoControl risks and health hazards

Since the procedure is least invasive and undertaken on a very precise manner, scarring tendencies is very minimal. Chances of under and over treatment is also reduced. Though it is a safer alternative, chances of pain, redness, uneven skin treatment, and other complications are just standing by. Risks would amplify when the doctor you are contracting is not licensed or perhaps doesn’t have the necessary skills, knowledge, and training to administer the treatment.

How much does LipoControl cost?

Since the treatment is relatively new, there has not been any record of the cost yet. But one thing is definite, prices would be dependent on some factors like its availability, and how much your surgeon would charge you.

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