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Compared to the traditional liposuction and abdominoplastic surgeries, Lipodissolve treatment is considered to be an alternative that is far more economical and affordable more especially on the smaller scale fat deposit problems. This treatment has also advantages on its relatively lesser downtime and fewer health hazards and risks involved with it. Lipodissolve costs are cheaper compared to liposuction, the tucks, or lifts, yet produce nearly the same results and target similar objectives.

The lipodissolve treatment costs are variable on numerous factors like the availability of a surgeon who will administer the treatment or the drug ingredients of the cocktail itself. Facilities required for the operation is another price determinant. The cost of the treatment would also multiply based on the number of injections or sessions required for a particular body part or fat problem. Most common patient observation tells that the average number of treatments is around 4 to 6 for the full effects or goals to be met.Concerning the specific body part treated, the average cost of Lipodissolve can vary from one body part to another. On the abdomen and the back portion, the average cost of a treatment ranges from $300 to $800, $400 to $700 on the thighs, $300 to $600 for the fat problems on the arms, $300 to $500 on the chin, and the cheapest is on the cheeks for only $150 to $400. The cheapest lipodissolve cost that we have determined based on patient reviews is only $100 in Houston, Texas, and the most expensive ones are located in Saint Louis, Missouri where the cost of Lipodissolve reaches as high as $10,000 to $11,000.

Cheapest Lipodissolve cost in Houston, Texas

Though it would be best for a patient to find the cheapest price when it comes to cosmetic surgeries and treatments, most often than not, quality and effectiveness is an issue, just like the negative experience of a patient with a doctor concerning the lipodissolve treatment. According to a patient who has paid just $100 for what supposedly a fat eliminating lipodissolve treatment, he was rather left with pain, fat, and bloated feeling. Though the doctor’s name was not mentioned the patient tells how she had regretted availing of the treatment: “Then I and started doing research. I am glad that I found this site and read about what everyone else is going thru. I think I will stay FAT before I give someone my money to do nothing more than cause me pain, take my savings and leave me fat and bloated.”

Cheapest Lipodissolve cost in Tennessee

The cheapest lipodissolve treatment that a patient may find in Tennessee is $200 per treatment or injection. Though the patient who made the review on the treatment was just on her first session, the results according to her are already satisfying. Though the doctor’s name was not mentioned, she is happy with the service and even advices prospective lipodissolve patients to a lot some time researching on the treatment as well as the surgeon or doctor who would administer the treatment: “So far I do see results but this was only my first session. Yes it is painful but the person who is administering mine is using lidocaine to see if it helps with the pain and I felt that it did. She is experimenting with it on a few patients to see if this decreases the pain and swelling but turns out the same results. I’m happy with my experience thus far. Honestly though it depends on you and what you are willing to do for beauty. Cosmetic surgery is just as painful if not more and you also swell and bruises and the healing time is much longer.”

Cheapest Lipodissolve cost in Mequon, Wisconsin

The cheapest lipodissolve treatment in Mequon, Wisconsin is at $250 per session. Fat problems on the stomach area were the target of the lipodissolve treatment administered to a patient in Mequon, Wisconsin. She was very much satisfied with the results of the treatment more so that according to her, the healing period is a lot faster. She says: “I got a little light-headed right after but that went away within minutes. Saturday and Sunday I was pretty sore, bruises started showing up, got very swollen (looked 5 months pregnant) Monday I was back at work (desk job) and was still a little sore and the swelling has gone down some. Today is Tuesday and the swelling has gone down even more. Last night I was finally able to massage the area a little to help with the breaking down of the fat cells. You go home right afterwards. I was able to drive myself home with no problems. I also have a 9 month old and I was able to hold and carry and take care of him without problems.”

Cheapest Lipodissolve cost in Florida

Based on patient reviews, the cheapest Lipodissolve cost we have found was $300 for the treatment administered to get rid of fats on the “love handles” to a particular patient. Said patient was very much satisfied on the procedure that she will even seek another lipodissolve treatment this time for her inner thighs: “I don’t know where you are that you are spending 4000-6000 dollars, but I’m doing lipodissolve for 300 for my “love handles.” I plan to go back and get my inner thighs done too. One thing too, is that if you are larger, you won’t see the results as quickly, or with fewer treatments. It’s not a weight loss procedure; it’s to get rid of the trouble areas that normal exercise doesn’t get rid of.”

Cheapest Lipodissolve cost in Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, the recorded cheapest lipodissolve cost is $350. But for the patient, who has paid this price for a lipodissolve treatment, is worried on rumors about a potential thyroid problem or complication. Right now, the patient’s treated body part is still swollen even though it has been pass 2 weeks since the date of the surgery: “I just read where one hypothyroid patient started gaining weight. I just had one treatment and was not impressed, still a touch swollen, 2 weeks out. What is up with the thyroid deal? I lost 62 lbs around 2001 (due to thyroid surgery) and have kept it off for most of the time. I hope I haven’t totally messed up with lipodissolve. NO more for me. I just want this stuff to get out of me and not mess with my thyroid (I take Armour and that does help with the weight).”

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