Liposuction cost in Alabama

Perhaps, the most important advice that medical experts can give when a patient is considering to undergo a liposuction procedure is to focus primarily on the quality of the liposuction procedure rather than the cost entailed, although most of the time, costs really matter. Liposuction prices may be presented by your surgeon as variable dependent on the particular body parts and areas where you want to get rid of excess fats. The amount of work needed for that body part is also a determinant of the liposuction cost.

In Alabama, the total cost of liposuction may be broken down to the following charges:

The basic surgeon’s fee which forms the largest portion of the total price. With this cost input, medical expertise, licenses and qualifications of the doctor, including popularity factors are considerations. The more years of experience in the cosmetic procedure field he or she has would normally translate to the notion that the surgeon is very much knowledgeable on every liposuction procedure and that positive results are definite.

Cost of the facilities to be used for the patient’s liposuction procedure shall be the next cost input. Facilities required for the liposuction procedure would include the equipment or machines which will directly or indirectly be responsible for the patient’s liposuction session, the hospital or clinic amenities and accommodation, and finally include the costs for the nurses and aids. In Alabama, facilities and all relative costs is at $600 to $1,200 range.

Prescribed medications before, during, and after the liposuction procedure may also be billed to the patient in addition to all other cost factors.

Anesthesia costs are also major cost factors since some liposuction procedure entails the patient to be sedated or placed under general anesthesia. General anesthesia costs in Alabama for a liposuction procedure range from $500 to $1,000.

Finally surgical garments and additional medical tests can form part of the liposuction cost.

Another determinant of liposuction cost in Alabama is the particular body location where the procedure shall be undertaken. Removing excess and unwanted fat from the face and neck through liposuction is generally safer compared to undergoing a face lift procedure since incisions or stitches are not required, and risk of scarring is eliminated.
Liposuction on the arms is a popular procedure for most women. Due to the extra work required to contour and sculpt the arms, and the necessary fat removal follow up sessions, average prices for arm liposuctions are typically higher than the average liposuction procedure on the other body areas.

Liposuction cost in Alabama concerning the abdomen and tummy areas are primarily dependent on the mass or scale of fats present round these areas. Aside from being the most popular body area which is being treated with liposuction, cost is relatively predictable as well; the larger the stomach area that needs to be treated, the higher is the cost of the liposuction procedure. This rule applies to the thigh and back areas as well.

Based on patient reviews  and data posted by most Alabama-based cosmetic surgeons and clinics, prices starts from $2,000 for a liposuction procedure for the buttocks area to as high as $8,500 when the surgery is done on the breast area. This average price surely will double or escalate further when the patient wishes to remove excess fat on a combination of two or more body areas.

The cheapest liposuction cost for both the upper and lower abdomen is at $3,500, for the lower abdomen alone, the patient should expect paying around $2,500. The cheapest liposuction procedure on the arms and the back are tagged at $2,500. The $2,500 price is also the average and lowest cost of a liposuction surgery for the patient’s chin, cheeks, and neck, the flanks for the male, anterior or inner thighs and knees, the hips and waist, and the outer thighs.

Cheapest abs and back liposuction in Birmingham, Alabama

The cheapest liposuction surgery we have uncovered in Birmingham, Alabama based on patient reviews and records is at $4,000. Rusty, is among the patients who went through a dual liposuction procedure round his abs and back. Although the patient is relatively old (already 75 years), results of the operation are still very good to the point that he does not have any sagging skin. The $4,000 he had paid for the operation to Dr. Hedden is well worth it and thus he commends his doctor: “Dr. Hedden and his staff are the best. I was in and out in about 1 hour and a half. No problems. No down time. The man is a MIRACLE worker. I have the same waist measurement now that I did in high school.”
Dr. Hedden’s clinic is open for consultation at the Hedden Plastic Surgery Center, 140 Village Street, Suite 100, Birmingham, Alabama.

Cheapest abdominal and thigh liposuction in Troy, Alabama

When in Troy, the expert cosmetic surgeon when it comes to liposuction is Dr. Richard Schloemer. A patient who has availed of an abdominal liposuction from the doctor paid him $2,250. With the picture evidences of the before and after body shape and state, we could definitely conclude that the cost relative to the procedure done was well worth it. A very happy and satisfied patient reports on losing 27 pounds in weight, decrease in circumferential size of about 20 centimeters. The patient proudly claims that she could now wear size 4 clothing compared to the prior 12 plus sizes.


With Dr. Schloemer, the cheapest thigh liposuction is priced at $2,295 for the inner part and $2,250 for the outer portions. A patient who was happy and satisfied of the after results of her thigh liposuction reports to have lost and eliminated a total of eleven pounds of fat round her thighs in just two sessions.
Dr. Richard Schloemer’s clinic is located at 101 Pecan Street, Troy, Alabama.

Among the numerous localities in Alabama, certain areas are known to be abundant of the most qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeons more specifically those that perform effective liposuction procedures, they include; Birmingham, Troy, Mobile, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery and Alexander City. Within these areas reside some of Alabama’s prides when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

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