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This is a listing of the best liposuction specialists in nyc (new york city). I have gathered data and actual customer reviews on the different kinds of liposuction specialists, ranging from vaser to laser to smartlipo doctors. If you are wondering where to find cheap liposuction specialists, this guide will very useful to you.

Before going into the guide, you need to understand laser liposuction prices very by quite as well as the quality of the surgeon. It is advisable to always seek alternate views and information before committing to any actual decision. If you need more information about liposuction prices, please refer to the pricing guide on your right.

Liposuction nyc prices

I did a survey of 10 customer reviews and have found pries ranging from USD2500 to USD11,000. This price range is rather wide but most of the prices fall within USD3500 to USd7000. On average, prices in NYC is much more expensive than the rest of the country due to the higher cost of living. If you want cheaper rates, you might need to consider traveling to other states such Phoenix where the prices are much lower.

Best liposuction nyc

Name of doctor: Dr. John C. Lee
Name of clinic: New York Ear and Eye Infirmary hospital
Cost of liposuction nyc: USD 3288
Area: abdomen liposuction
Review: “Very personable, answered every question no matter how silly, and told me the truth from day one”

Name of doctor: Dr Alan Engler, MD, New York City Plastic Surgeon,
Name of clinic:  122 E 64th St, New York, NY 10065
Cost of liposuction nyc: USD6600
Area: Upper and lower abdomen
Review”Dr. E is one of the most thorough, professional and knowledgeable physicians I’ve ever met. He explained the surgery and recovery period, told me what to expect and was there to guide me through the process. After surgery, Dr. E called me everyday for two weeks to make sure I was recovering well in addition to the followup appointments and I had his cell number in case of emergencies. His staff is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and kind.”

Laser liposuction nyc

Name of doctor: Dr. Harry T. Haramis, MD
Name of clinic: Sleek Med Spa, 800 B 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10021
Cost of laser liposuction nyc: USD 9400
Area: Hip and arm liposuction, upper and lowe abdomen liposuction
Review: “ I would recommend my doctor as he has over 15 years plastic surgery experience and is truly experienced in Smart Lipo both laser and vazur. He was attentive and performed a wonderful job.”

Vaser liposuction nyc

Name of doctor and clinic: not reveal. If you want to know the name of the surgeon, you can go to this web address and ask the patient directly (
Cost of vaser liposuction nyc: USD5000
Review:”Doctor said that I should not wear compression garment. So far i am happy with that I see but a bit worried if not wearing the garment would affect final results (I am 5.6 and weigh 136)”

Non invasive liposuction nyc

There are a number of different types of non invasive liposuction but I will not touch on any of them since the results are not confirmed to be effective. For example, for zerona laser treatment, only 35% of patients in an informal survey of 35 zerona patients said that the treatment was effective. However, if you are interested in non surgical liposuction, please refer to my previous articles of zerona, zeltiq reviews and water liposuction.

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