Liposuction prices in Asia – Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia

Liposuction prices in Asia is one of the lowest in the word, with the exception of South America such as Mexico. India also offers a cheap alternative but given that it is so big a country, it warrants a separate pricing guide to cover the many cities in India including Mumbai, New Delhi etc. This pricing guide will focus only in mostly Southeast countries. Hence, if you want to know how much does liposuction cost in countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

Let me say that pricing information for cosmetic laser surgeries are always not very precise. This is because most of the clinic will only offer pricing information on request. What I can do is just to piece together difference sources of information here on this site but note that they are just for references and any actual cost will need to be consulted by the surgeon.

Liposuction prices in Thailand

Dr.V Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Thailand offers about USD1,800 and is one of the cheapest prices you can find for Thailand. However, don’t think the low price is a comprise on the quality. According to the review, the entire experience has been great, from the accodmoation to the actual surgical operation. Here is what the reviewer said:

|From the moment I arrived at the airport to my accommodation, hospital stay, tummy tuck surgery & non surgical procedures, after care & follow-up treatment by Dr V & his staff has proven and made it possible for me to have surgery & a wonderful relaxing enjoyable holiday at the same time.”

By the way, this reviewer hails from Western Australia and is a sign that medical tourism is really starting to take off.

For your information Dr V Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is located at 243 Rat-U-Thit Songroi Pi Road, Patong Beach , Kathu, Phuket.

There is another Thailand clinic called MtF Surgery Center that is based in Khet Wangthongluang, Bangkok. The prices is around USD600 for a simple liposuction process. However, due to the fact that there is no reviews, it is not clear whether the service and the outcome is as attractive as the low price.

Liposuction prices in Singapore

The cheapest clinic I came across offer about USD1,000 for liposuction. However, I don’t know how real is that price given that there is no review. This cheap price is offered by NeuGlow The Aesthetics Doctors and it can be contacted the following number+65 8332 9292. Its clinic is located at OUB Centre, 1 Raffles Place, #05-09 and Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Rd, #04-19.

Liposuction prices in Malaysia

Meditour Malaysia offers about USD1,200 for liposuction services in Malaysia. Similar to what we have seen so far, the prices are low but the service is top rated. His malaysia clinic is located in Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory. This is what a reviewer from US has to say for this service:

Thank you Sister Kay for taking care of me during my procedure for Fraxel and explaining everything. I appreciate your personal touch, professionalism and direct answers to different questions I had. Also taking me to the medical facility made the whole experience stress free. I am looking forward to seeing the full benefits of my Fraxel treatments and also my next visit filled with more treatments.”

Liposuction prices in Philippines

Dr. Magallona Cosmetic Plastic Surgery from Philippines has some positive reviews from US citizens who went to the Philippines to get their cosmetic surgery. Both of the reviews are quite positive. Here is a sample from one of the reviews:

I am certainly pleased with the results of my surgery done by dr Magallona. He did an excellent job of pulling up my sagging face and fixing my eyes. The MACS surgery was fully explained on the day of consultation and was meticulously done by him the following day. The swelling was uncomfortable at the start but simply got better each following day. But that was expected and had been fully explained to me before undergoing the face lift.”

Unfortunately, there is no pricing information so I can’t give you the average price you are expected to pay.

Overall, it is clear that liposuction prices in Asia is much lower than that of US, Europe, Canada or Australia. This is the reason why medical tourism for liposuction is really taking off with many people going for such procedure overseas.

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