Liposuction prices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth

This is a pricing guide for liposuction cost in Australia. There is an earlier article that gives information on general liposuction prices in Austrlia. For this guide, I will cover specific areas where liposuction will be covered and how much they cost in different parts of Australia.

In general, the cost of liposuction is comprised the following components:

(i) the fees for the surgeon
(ii) the cost of using the facility
(iii) anaesthetists fee which is around USD750 to USD1,000
(iv) price of compression garment: ranges from USD150 to USD300

In general, this is the biggest component for any liposuction operation. This in turn can be separated into two parts (ia) consultation fees which normally is around USD50-100 per session (ib) theatre fees which can range from USD2,000 to USD7,000 depending on the reputation of the surgeon.

Theatre fees is also dependable on the areas where the liposuction is carried out. Typically, if a patient wants to have work done on more than one area, there will discounts given for the subsequent areas. How the discount is calculated is pretty straight forward. The most expensive among the areas will be charged as the first area and no discount will give given. The second most expensive area is charged as the second area and discounts will be applied on this second area and so forth.

Here is the list of prices ranging from the most expensive to the least expensive areas.

Female breast liposuction is the most expensive, costly about USD7,000
Upper and lower abdomen liposuction:USD6,500
Male chest or gynecomastia liposuction: USD6,000
Buttock liposuction costs about the same, around USD6,000
Calves and ankles liposuction is around USD6,000
Arms liposuction is the third pricey area: USD5,000
These areas cost around USD4,000: inner and outer thigh liposuction, hips liposuction, waist liposuction, lower abdomen liposuction, upper abdomen liposuction
Chin as well as neck and jowls liposuction is around USD3,000
Inner and front knees liposuction: USD2,500
Posterior axillary fold (area behind arms): USD2,500
Anterior axillary fold (area in front of arms and above breasts): USD2,500

From the list of prices given above, it is clear that bigger areas such as abdomen and thigh liposuction costs more. Smaller aras such knees, chin and neck liposuction prices in general cheaper than other areas because the amount of area that needs work is much smaller than other bigger areas such as stomach or back.

Most of these prices are valid in Melbourne but in other parts of Australia such as Sydney and Perth, the prices will be similar.

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