Mini tummy tuck

Perhaps the most common problem of moms after giving birth are the fat pockets and loose skin that stays around and hard to be eliminated even by diet and exercise. Other individuals as well, specially women who had managed to get rid of excess fat may also experience these residual skin pockets and ugly looking stretch marks on the abdomen area. Perhaps patients would think of availing full Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck just to resolve all those excess skin problems, but when a patient is more concern on the recovery time, the cost and definitely on the degree of risks and health hazards, the best option is to avail a Mini Tummy Tuck surgery. The mini tummy tuck can be administered as a standalone procedure or paired to a full tummy tuck when the medical condition warrants so.

What is Mini Tummy Tuck surgery?

Mini tummy tuck or Mini-abdominoplasty is a milder version of the popular Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty where the main focus is on the lower abdomen and doesn’t usually involve repositioning of the navel. Its main objective is to flatten the part of the abdomen located just below the belly button. Compared to the full tummy tuck, this procedure only targets the removal of fat packets, excess, and loose skin on the lower abdomen in a procedure that produces shorter scars, lesser health risks and hazards, and minimal downtime or recovery period. The mini tummy tuck surgery is also less invasive compared to the full tummy tuck and that it can be administered on an outpatient basis. The number of incisions is fewer and keeps the navel area intact unlike the full tummy tuck procedure which creates incisions around the navel and across the lower abdomen area.

How does Mini Tummy Tuck work?

A mini tummy tuck surgery is initiated by making incisions within the bikini or boxer line. This location has two-fold wonderful reasons, first, this particular area is the demarcation line of what is supposedly the perfect sexy figure prior to giving birth or prior to having that loose and sagging skin, the second reason is for the post operation scars to be hidden underneath the bikini or pants specially while the wounds are healing. Before shaping the lower abdomen, any excess skin and fat are removed, after which, the muscle beneath the surface of the skin is tightened and re-draped to achieve the desired body shape. The stretching is done by pulling the belly button area downwards thereby giving it a better shape and look. Fluid build-up and infection can be one of the complications after almost any surgery that is why, a drain is placed on the treated area during the operation and would last there up to two or three weeks time. Mini tummy tuck can be administered under local anesthesia or just some mild sedation, but for the more sensitive patients, the surgeon may opt to perform it under general anesthesia. The length of time required to complete the surgery is relatively less compared to the full tummy tuck surgery and that the patient can be released from the hospital even within few hours after the surgery.

Is Mini Tummy Tuck effective?

Mini tummy tuck is as much effective as its tummy tuck predecessor. This procedure has been noted to solve skin and figure problems which include bulging abdomen, weak lower abdomen muscles, lax and sagging skin, and the removal of relative excess fat. It is also the best option to get rid of abdominal stretches and lines caused by pregnancy or any other reason. On 53 patients who have availed the mini tummy tuck surgery shared their experience and rated the worthiness and effectiveness of the procedure. With this total number, 41 patients or 78 percent have nodded and confirmed the effectiveness of the procedure, according to them; the mini tummy tuck provided them the desired body enhancement. A satisfied patient writes: “My update! I had a mini tummy tuck on Thursday 3/10. It went great! I am thrilled with the results. Pain was less than I expected and was told it would be because it was a “mini” … I’m a believer. Back to work this week and the post op pain is manageable with Tylenol. Very relieved!!!” A dismayed patient who claims that the procedure is not effective contests that: “Skin is tight, but my belly button looks horrible. It is odd shaped and right above it you can still see my old hernia. I asked my doctor why I didn’t not get a new belly button and he said he thought rather than giving me a new scar this was a better option. I am very unhappy.”

Who may undergo Mini Tummy Tuck surgery?

Since this procedure targets the improvement of the lower abdomen area, the best candidate for the Mini Tummy Tuck are either men or women who are bothered by fat packets or large fat deposits or some loose abdominal skin where diet and exercise efforts were proven useless. It is also an inevitable surgery for moms after pregnancy or giving birth. For the men, the procedure would be recommended right after any weight loss effort or a bypass surgery. It is also a procedure that can improve the skin’s elasticity especially for the older and slightly obese patients.

Mini Tummy Tuck health risks and hazards

Though the Mini Tummy Tuck surgery is a milder or less invasive one, it would still pose certain risks, and complications ranging from the negligible to the more serious types. Severe bleeding is one of the potential health risks which may be brought about by tissue or blood vessel damage, if untreated, it may be lethal. On the contrary, blood clotting is also another risk. Seroma can be a complication if the fluids are left alone and not properly collected. Other risks and hazards include delayed healing, skin distortion, post operation pains, skin contour or shape irregularities, and skin sensitivity.

How much does Mini Tummy Tuck cost?

The cost of tummy tuck will definitely vary according to: the location or area where a patient wishes to avail mini tummy tuck, the qualifications and expertise of the medical surgeon, the extent of the procedure or the intensiveness of operation required, anesthesia costs, equipment and facilities, and all other incremental costs that may be determined. Nonetheless, the average cost of Mini Tummy Tuck that a patient should expect is around $7,700 based on patient and doctor reviews and interviews.

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