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These are some of the latest non surgical liposuction procedures that is in the market. Due to the advances in technology, new liposuction alternative have been developed to cater to different needs of the customers. The benefits of these non invasive techniques is the shorter recovery time, a less painful experience and in some cases, a much cheaper liposuction cost.

Here is an introduction to some of the more popular non surgical liposuction techniques that you can find in the market. I have covered them specifically but this is a good summary of the various liposuction procedures.

Zerona laser treatments: This non invasive liposuction procedure has been approved in the US and can be found in a number of cities. It is a method which uses laser to stimulate the fatty cells such that they are more porpeous and is able to move into the membranes of normal cells. When this happens, the fats can be removed via our body’s normal discharge. If you want to know where to find zerona laser, they are mostly available in certain states such as Florida, San Diego, New York. Currently, they are available in most parts of the world like Australia, Europe and Asia.

Zeltiq: Zeltiq treatment uses an entirely different method to conduct fat removal. Rather than laser, it used a machine that transmit freezing water though the plates that are attached to the patient’s body. This freezing liposuction process helps to break down the fats which can then be discharged through the body.

Liposonix: Liposonix used high frequency sound waves to loosen the body fats. Unlike vaser liposuction or ultrasound liposuction that injects the sound emitting device into the patient’s body, liposonix uses an external device to focus the sound waves on your targeted areas. This approach is entirely non surgical and is also much cheaper than normal vaser procedures.

Most of the new liposuction alternatives work best on smaller areas of fats and also onless targeted area such as stomach, abdomen, back, thighs etc. If you have problems in your chin, neck etc and need facial liposuction, then techniques such as laser liposuction would be more suitable.

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