PowerX liposuction

As we all know, there are so many available body sculpting treatments that can enhance patient’s body.  Now, creators of Vaser Liposelection and Vaser hi-def already introduced another powered assisted liposuction device called PowerX.  This latest FDA approved device allows wide selection of body contouring because of its multiple power settings.

What is PowerX liposuction?

Actually, there are 3 well-known body sculpting and countouring treatment.  The Vaser Liposelection procedure that makes use of ultrasound to liquefy fat layer before aspirated.  The Smartlipo procedure that uses the laser to melt the body fat.  And the Tickle Lipo procedure that is based on spiral movements for the removal of body fat.  Now, the latest procedure, PowerX liposuction that uses the newest rotational handpiece device called PowerX.  PowerX liposuction procedure offers better treatment to patients compared to the first 3 procedures because of the use of more advanced device.  PowerX can also be used with Vaser Liposelection for better result.

How does PowerX liposuction work?

PowerX has a custom-built cannula with rotational angle and speed that can be used by surgeons based on their preference.  PowerX helps in removing all fatty tissue around cannula that may achieve smoother result.  In case larger patients are using Vaser Lipo, the PowerX device can be used to speed up the whole time of liposuction procedure when removing deeper layers.  The device can remove large volume of fat that can help surgeons to work efficiently.

Is PowerX liposuction effective?

The PowerX liposuction is the best treatment among any other liposuction procedures.  It can be used in any parts of the body whether small or large areas.  A painless procedure that can assure greater result to all patients.  As most surgeons concluded, patients will achieve smoother results after the procedure.

Is PowerX liposuction suitable for everyone?

To those new and old liposuction patients who want to eliminate excess fat inside their body.  It is very ideal to all patients who need to remove all fat layers in different body parts such as abdomen, flanks and outer tights.

PowerX liposuction risks and side effects

The recovery period will take 4-12 weeks before patients can see the result.  Though initially some swelling may be visible after the procedure, PowerX liposuction is still considered safe and effective.  As of now, there are no reported cases related to this liposuction treatment.

How much does PowerX liposuction cost?

The pricing depends on the area(s) and the amount being done.  Surgeon fee must also be calculated in addition of the overall surgical operation expenses.

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