Tummy tuck cost in california

If you want to know about tummy tuck cost in california, this article will give you real prices from actual patients in the CA area. The price information will be covered several cities in California, from Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Francisco etc. When there is sufficient information, we will also recommend the cheapest tummy tuck surgeon for each for the city in the state.

On average, the average price of the a tummy tuck in US is around USD8,700, which is not an affordable surgical operation in any case. However, do note that such prices do vary by cities and states and you would do well to do some market research on the prices in the nearby cities to find the cheapest source of tummy tuck operation possible.

In California, due to the more expensive cities such as LA and Beverly Hills, the average price is much higher than the national average. It is not uncommon to see prices in the range of USD9,000 to USD12,000. I would say the average is around USD10,00 in this particular state. Fortunately, I find listed some of the cheapest tummy tuck procedures for each of city so that you don’t have to pay for that additional cost.

Cheapest tummy tuck in Sacramento, CA

The most affordable tummy tuck operation I can find in Sacramento is around USD6,300. You can read about the experience of the customer by the following url. Overall, the patient is not very satisfied with the operation even though the price is cheap.


Cheapest tummy tuck in San Francisco, CA

This is one the most inexpensive price I have seen. This particular surgeon only charges about USD5,000 for the operation, with very satisfying result. Unfortuantely, the name of the surgeon was not revealed but you can read about the operation using the following url:


Cheapest tummy tuck in Bay Area, CA

Dr Joel Beck, MD, a San Francisco Plastic Surgeon, is the recommended doctor here. This is what his patient has to say about the services that he provide:

“After having been through a difficult recovery I can recommend my doctor without hesitation. He was straightforward and honest, with a very good bedside manner. I’d venture a guess that some doctors, when confronted with a problem like the one I had, might get defensive about it. My doctor gave me all the time and all the options I needed and acknowledged that my quality of life was suffering for awhile. I trust him implicitly and am so grateful for the care he provided.”

Dr Joel’s office is located at Bay Area Aethetic Surgery, 66 Bovet Rd, #101, San Mateo, CA for those who want to pay him a visit or need his consultation.

Cheapest tummy tuck in Beverly Hills, CA

It is hard to say that this is a cheap procedure but it is the one of the most affordable in an otherwise expensive city.  Dr Robin T.W. Yuan, MD, a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, charges about USD10,000 for the tummy tuck surgery. This is what his patient says about him: “Dr. is so patient and professional. He wants to help you find your best self and he listens to your needs time and time again, until you develop a plan that feels right overall. His assistant is charming and compassionate. It is a very private environment and he is to be trusted to the fullest extent of a doctor/ patient trusting relationship.” If you want to visit his clinic, it is located at 462 N. Linden Dr Suite 236, Beverly Hills, C

An alternate surgeon I have found that costs only about USD5,000 is by  Dr Bruce B. Kadz, MD. His patient says that “He is very good at what he does. The staff is great and they are all there to assist you with all your questions and have been very helpful”. If you want to consult this cheap tummy tuck specialist, you can find his office at 416 North Bedford Drive, Suite 406, Beverly Hills, CA.

Cheapest tummy tuck in Riverside, CA

This surgeon charges about USD7,000. According to the review, her stomach is flat even though it is swollen. You can read about the experience here:


Cheapest tummy tuck in Orange County, CA

The cheapest surgeon I can find for the Ornage County area goes by the name of Dr Ghada Y. Afifi, MD, a Orange County Plastic Surgeon. Her office is located at 1101 Bayside Dr., Ste. 100, Newport Beach, CA. The female surgeon charges about USD7,500 for a tummy tuck operation, which is lower than the national average. Her customer has this to say:

“She is a self proclaimed perfectionist. She is very down to earth and she does not sugar-coat things, she will tell it like it is. The staff is wonderful and the surgery center staff was amazing as well.”

Cheapest tummy tuck in Santa Ana, CA

Dr Michael A. Jazayeri, MD, a Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon, charges only USD 7,500 for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation operation. This is quite an attractive price for two types of cosmetic surgery being done. His patient says that “”he is not only a doctor but he becomes your friend. he never promised me perfect, and that is what you need someone who will tell you the truth. he was honest and comforting when you need the assurance that you are doing the right thing.” For consultation, his office is located at 2010 East First St.  Ste. 270, Santa Ana , CA

Cheapest tummy tuck in Los Angeles, CA

For one of the largest city in US, it is quite tough to find a tummy tuck surgeon who charges below USD10,000. Foruntately, after much digging, I manage to come across this particular doctor: Gordon Sasaki, MD, a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon who charges about USD9,000 for  tummy tuck. The patient did not give a full recommendation but has this to say about Dr Gordon: At this point I am not sure about a recommendation for the TT but him and his staff are very caring. I truly feel he is more interested in the art of sculpting than just making a dollar”.

I hope you find this tummy tuck pricing guide useful.

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