Tummy tuck cost in Dallas

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery undertaken to eliminate excess skin and fat round the abdomen area, usually, after a major weight loss treatment or effort, after child birth, or with the usual aging cycle. Among the factors patients take note when considering undergoing Tummy Tuck is the corresponding cost. A patient who is a resident of Dallas or considers availing treatment in the area should expect an average price of $9,300. Some surgeons or clinics would charge more and some would give discounts.

Said average price will only be an estimate because the actual tummy tuck cost in Dallas will still be affected by a number of factors.

The excess fat or skin problem which would suggest the complexity of the Abdominoplasty procedure needed to be undertaken. Perhaps, this would be the largest bill-changing consideration, thus; more skin and fat to remove, the more work and contouring is required, and, the higher will be your medical bill.

In relation with the above factor is the surgeon’s professional fee. The more skilled and expert ones will be tagged at a higher price compared to those that are not. A patient may also encounter general practitioner or doctors who are now offering cosmetic surgeries and other aesthetic procedures taking advantage of the high patient demand for said medical services. Hence, it is always ideal to go for the certified and expert ones rather than just basing decisions solely on Tummy Tuck cost in Dallas.

The required anesthesia and the anesthesiologist fees would be the next consideration. Tummy Tuck is generally administered under the aid of local anesthesia. But depending on the doctor’s assessment, he may require a general one most especially for patients with relatively larger skin and fat problem.

Hospital and surgical facilities will also have an incrementing effect on the cost of your Tummy Tuck procedure. They would normally include the machines, tools, the hospital or clinic room, and all other aid required to complete the operation.

Pre-surgery check-ups would affect the total Tummy Tuck cost in Dallas. Usually, medical tests like x-ray, physical, etc. are required to gauge the health status and fitness of the patient. Most of the time, such cost will be part of the package.

Finally, post surgery care and medication will add up to the total cost.

Those who would like to avail of the Abdominoplasty procedure but are wary on their budgets can also first negotiate financing options with the surgeon.

Cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in Dallas, Texas

The cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in Dallas based on a patient review is $4,400. Jen (the patient) is about to have her problematic belly done for the said contracted price. Though her surgery is yet to be administered, she is very much excited on the post-surgery results: “I have had 3 kids all c section… I’m 38 yr and I’m in shape the only issue it the belly. I cannot wait to get rid of it. Whewwww I leave Monday for the removal of old faithful. I cannot wait. I am so excited, every day this week I have been just like I am almost there.”

Cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in Dallas by Dr. Michael A. Bogdan

Among the numerous cosmetic surgeons in Dallas offering Tummy Tuck, Dr. Michael a. Bogdan is identified to offer the cheapest. A mother of two sought the doctor’s help in eliminating the loose abdomen skin couples and wrinkles and stretch marks after she gave birth. With the $7,000 she has paid for the procedure, the results according to her are great and well worth the price. She commends the doctor: “Dr B is so nice, caring, informative, professional & honest. I met with 4 other Dr’s, Dr B being the 4th, b4 deciding to go with him and I know I made the right decision! Anyone in the DFW area, I strongly encourage you to give Dr. B a call. Even at the initial consultation you will sense his genuine compassion for his patients. He checked on me daily! I couldn’t have asked for a more caring Dr!”

Dr. Bogdan’s clinic is located at 410 N Carroll Avenue, Suite 170, Southlake, Texas.

Cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in Dallas by Dr. G. Hunt Neurohr

The next surgeon offering a pretty good deal in Tummy Tuck surgery is Dr. G. Hunt Neurohr. One of her patients, Peggy, sought the doctor’s help in eliminating her abdominal skin problems which were also caused by pregnancy and child birth. The procedure costs $8,000 and according to her the results were wonderful: “I was 49 and my last child was leaving home. I had 2 c-sections and looked stretched and sagging…”I looked like I had a butt coming and going”. He did a “handle bar tummy tuck and I was in a bikini in 4 months. I am now 62 and I have a beautiful abdomen. I would do it again if I had it to do over. He is very skilled and his work is beautiful. I am coming back to him for facial work.”

Dr. Neurohr’s clinic may be visited anytime at 6120 Sherry Lane, Suite 540, Dallas, Texas

Cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in Dallas by Dr. Scott W. Harris

6020 West Plano Parkway, Plano, Texas is the clinic address of Dr. Scott W. Harris, a cosmetic surgeon who is also offering a Tummy Tuck procedure in the neighboring Dallas area at a reasonable price. Linda, one her patients noted that she both availed of Tummy Tuck and breast reduction from the doctor for the discounted price of $8,700. It’s been six months after the procedure and mere photos can already prove that the surgery was very effective. She commends the doctor: “Dr. H is patient, listens, approachable and answers any and all questions and is an expert at his trade. I can’t say enough good things about him. Went to the beach for the first time in years! ”
You may view her new figure photos at

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