Tummy tuck cost in Florida

This article provides information about tummy tuck cost in Flordia. Continuing from our previous article on tummy tuck cost in California, this article will continue to gather real prices reported by actual patients who have undergo tummy tuck procedures in Florida. We will break down the prices by cities so that you can get the most detail pricing information related to the city that you are living in.

Overall, the prices for tummy tuck is cheaper when compared to the state of California. On average, the price ranges around USD5,000 to USD7,000. Most of the services that we have reviewed cost only USD6,000 which is lower than the national average of USD8,700.

Cheap tummy tuck in Jacksonville, FL

From this url, you can see the sugeon charges only USD6,500 which is below the national average of USD8,700. Unfortunately, the name of the surgeon was not disclosed. The review stated that the pain level was uncomfortable but the result was worth the suffering. You can read more about the review here:


Cheap tummy tuck in Fort Lauderdale, FL

In this city, Dr JAMES T SHOUKAS, MD charges about USD6,000 for the tummy tuck operation. His patient was very pleased with the results and has given the following review: “The best care I have ever received, the nicest, and most knowledged I have ever met. The dr was awesome as well as the staff!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”.

Cheap tummy tuck in Brandon, FL

Dr Stanley Castor, MD, a Tampa Plastic Surgeon, charges a cheap rate of USD6,300 for his tummy tuck patients. This particular customer review has diabettes but has a pleasant experience overall. Her review states that : “Minimal pain. Very pleased with the result and aftercare so far. Highly managable for those with well controlled Diabetes.” His clinic is located at Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, 5383 Primrose Lake Circle, Unit A, Tampa, FL.

Cheap tummy tuck in Miami, FL

No name was given for this particular surgeon who charges only USD7,200 for the tummy tuck procedure. The patient was a mummy at the age of 29 with four children. She was impressed with the outcome and recommended her surgeon. You can read about her review here:


Cheapest tummy tuck in Miami, FL

This is the cheapest surgeon we have found in the state of Florida. Dr Ricardo Presas M.D. charges only USD3,000 for a full blown tummy tuck operation. The customer review was also positive, saying that : “ob well done. minimal scar. great price compared to other surgical centers”. The only issue is that of stretch marks that are leave after the procedure. Normally, this can only be removed via another surgical procedure. Currently, the latest technology is laser treatment for stretch marks.

Cheap tummy tuck in Jacksonville, FL

Dr David Nicholas Csikai, MD, a Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon, charges about USD6,200. His clinic is located at First Coast Plastic Surgery, 8823 San Jose Blvd, Ste 301, Ste 301, Jacksonville, FL USA. Besides being an affordable surgeon, his patients are raving about the quality of his service as well, saying :”Dr. performed a Full Tummy Tuck, with muscle repair and Lipo. He is board certified and I felt safe and comfortable in his care. He did an excellent job.”

Tummy tuck in Orlando, FL

Dr James Matas, MD, a Orlando Plastic Surgeon, was the only provider I could find pricing information on. Compared to other cities, Dr James charges a higher fee at the cost of USD9,000.However, his client was very pleased with the services she has received, saying” My doctor was great and so was his staff – very courteous, caring, professional. He gave me a tour of the facility including the surgery room. My costs included all pre-op visits, labs, post-ops, vitamins, homeopaths for brusing ans swelling, and overnight stay with nurse care, all binders, stockings (blod clots), surgery fees, aenesthiologits (sp?), 3 post-op massages with therapist for proper recovery, um can’t remember everthing.” If you are interested to locate the doctor, his clinic is situated at 7300 Sand Lake Commons, Suite 100, Orlando, FL.

There was a cheaper alternative I found but that was due to the fact that the patient was a staff at the clinic so it was not clear how much does tummy tuck cost for the average patient. In case you are interested, this surgeon is called Dr. Pham from the celebration cosmetic surgery center. The staff patient paid only USD4,800 for the operation.

Cheap tummy tuck in Stuart, FL

In the tcity of Stuart, you will find  Dr P. Dudley Giles, a Florida Plastic Surgeon, charging about USD7,200 for a tummy tuck operation. Reviews of his service has been positive. One such patients says that :”He’s got a great staff, explains things well and has a great reputation. I trust him.” You can located his clinic at 4087 SW Rivers End Way, Palm City, FL.

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