Tummy tuck cost in new york

Before making a final decision of undergoing a tummy tuck surgery, pricing considerations is one of the points to consider. For the total cost of the procedure, there are three major price compositions; the surgeon’s fee which is the largest, cost of anesthesia, and the facilities and all other incidental costs related with the treatment.

Across the country, the average surgeon’s fee that a patient may encounter for a tummy tuck surgery is at $5,000.  Since this is the average, doctors in a particular area like New York may charge more than or less than this amount brought about by some factors like their relative experience, expert skills, and competencies. Doctor’s availability including the facilities and equipment in a certain area is also a consideration.

The cost of anesthesia in New York could range from $400 up to $2,000 depending on the extent of the treatment or procedure needed to be undertaken to the patient. Clinical, hospital and other surgical facilities would be ranging from $800 to $1,200.
Tummy tuck cost in New York based on patient reviews and records is averaged at $8,000 where the cheapest price of this operation is tagged at $2,100 in Bronx and may further scale upwards to as high as $20,000 in some clinics in downtown New York.

Cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in Bronx, New York

The cheapest tummy tuck cost in Bronx and across New York that a patient may find is at $2,100. Said tummy tuck procedure was administered to Simone, a resident of Bronx. According to her, she had problems on excess skin and stretch marks round her tummy and waist after giving birth to two children. Currently, the patient is on the healing stage but the results are visible on her post operation photos where the excess skin has been removed and her tummy area is much tighter or smaller. Her tummy tuck surgery was administered at the North Central Bronx Hospital located at 3424 Kossuth Avenue, Bronx, New York 10467.

Cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in Brooklyn, New York

In Brooklyn, the cheapest tummy tuck cost is at $3,500 cited by a patient who just recently came out of the surgery room. According to her, she is scared and hesitant at first prior to the surgery but according to her everything went well and now just waits for the results of the treatment after the healing period. Though she is experiencing discomforts while the wounds are healing, according to her the cost of the procedure is well worth it: “Everything went well after the surgery I was in a little pain went home the same day. What bothered me the most were the two drain tubes that have to stay in for a week. The doctor placed on to close to my grond area and every time I moved my leg I got Sharp needle pain in my lower leg and vagina area. The price was right.” The patient failed to mention the doctor or the clinic who administered the operation.

Cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in New York, New York

Across downtown New York, a patient may eventually bumped with a doctor or clinic who performs successful tummy tuck surgeries at the least possible price just like a Pete, a satisfied patient of said cosmetic surgery. Pete’s major health concern ever since he was a child is excess fat or being overweight. After intensive weight loss programs, his last concern was to get rid of excess skin and stretch marks. His tummy tuck procedure helped him solve this problem at just $3,900. As what can be seen on his most recent photo after the procedure, all his fat and excess skin problems were gone. He happily notes: “excellent price, friendly, and the job appears to be great. Will be updated once I see final results.”

Cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in Queens, New York

When considering to have your tummy tuck surgery in Queens, New York, expect to pay no less than $4,500, for this has been the recorded cheapest tummy tuck cost in the area. A patient availed of the treatment to eliminate the excess fat in her tummy area to prevent it from bulging. Though the doctor’s name was not mentioned, the patient is very much pleased with the results and the cheap price she had paid: “So Far So Good. I am feeling great and definitely taking it easy. My Pain is Minimal right now. I only take colace and my antibiotics. I walk for 30 minutes every 2 hours. I still feel dizzy every now and again. I’m feeling absolutely awesome.”

Cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in Corona, New York

For the price of $5,000, a patient underwent a tummy tuck surgery also to eliminate the excess skin caused by a lap band surgery (fat removal). Said cheap tummy tuck cost is on Corona, in New York. The satisfied patient says that the result of the procedure well compensates the price she had paid for the surgery and that it is very much effective. She highly recommends the doctor although she has failed to mention his name: “my surgeon did an excellent job and it is so worth it. he calls me every day at home to check on me and see if i have any questions. he is amazing, his staff is just as amazing because from the moment you walk in the door for your surgery they are catering to you hand and foot and so pleasant and remain that way till the moment you leave.”

Cheapest Tummy Tuck cost in Rochester, New York

A patient who is planning to have his tummy tuck done in Rochester may expect that the cheapest tummy tuck cost in this side of New York is at $5,500, the price paid by Gina, a patient who was satisfied with the removal or excess skin and fat including the problematic stretch marks after giving birth through the tummy tuck cosmetic procedure. She is currently on her recovery state and expects some wonderful results after a couple of weeks.

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