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Here is pricing guide to the popular question of “How much does a tummy tuck cost?”. The cost of tummy tuck procedure is primarily dependent on a number of factors and variables such as the health facility or the clinic where a patient opts to have his or her tummy tuck done, the nature of the tummy tuck procedure that needs to be done and the patient’s location relative to the availability of the medical experts and equipment needed to complete the operation.The biggest component however is the location of the procedure. Expect to pay more in cities such as beverly hills, los angeles, miami, las vegas, nyc etc when compared to other smaller cities.

Total tummy tuck cost would normally include the surgeon’s fee itself, hospital costs, anesthesia fees, and medical tests. The average cost we have recorded based on patient reviews ranges from $4,000 up to $20,000. At times it could go down to as cheap as less than a thousand for the minor operations. Initially, you might want to detail out the cost with your surgeon prior to signing the waiver for your operation.

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Cheapest Tummy Tuck in Huntsville, Alabama

Tonia Payton, a patient who has undergone tummy tuck on her mid section, reported to lose 250 lbs after the procedure. The total cost she had incurred is $2,300 which according to her, may be covered by an insurance policy. She had availed of the operation in Huntsville, Alabama administered by Dr. David Gray. Dr. Gray’s medical clinic is located at 910 Adams Street, Suite 100 Huntsville, Alabama. Tonia gives positive comments on her experience: “He’s experienced in gastric bypass patients after surgery and really enjoys his job. He will give you what will look best for you. i went in there just for the panneculectomy and he recommended the fleur de le with it to make it complete along with muscles tightened back. For one complete look.”

Cheapest Tummy Tuck in Bel Air, Maryland

The cheapest tummy tuck procedure in Bel Air based on patient experience and reviews is at $1,000. Cathy, a happily satisfied patient of Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz says that the price she had paid for the tummy tuck procedure is well worth it and effective in getting rid of her excessive fats and skin on her abdomen area. She commends the doctor: “I love how it looks. I would highly recommend this surgeon, he did a fabulous job, was honest, answered all my questions, and never rushed through a visit. When I had a minor concern about fluid retention he returned my call personally in minutes of my leaving the message with his office. I would go to this doctor again and I would take family members to him. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”
Everyone is welcome at Dr. Horowitz’s clinic at 2225 Old Emmorton Road, Suite 111, Bel Air, Maryland.

Cheapest Tummy Tuck in San Diego, California

Perhaps the cheapest among the list when it comes to Tummy Tuck can be found in San Diego, California. Linda had only paid $900 for the procedure which involves the removal of her excessive skin with no identified side-effects. Her surgeon is Dr. Tom J. Pousti whom she cites: “They make you the most important person every day when you see Dr’s staff is awesome. Love them”. Dr. Tom J. Pousti’s medical clinic is at 8851 Center Drive, Suite 300, San Diego, California.

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