Ultracontour review Is ultracontour effective

This is a real review of ultracontour liposuction, one of the latest non surgical liposuction treatment that has been in Europe.  I have gathered reviews from around the Web from patients who have undergo this treatment to get rid of the fats around their stomach. If you want to read more about non invasive liposuction techniques, you can refer to my previous articles on the different treatments:

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What is Ultracontour

According to the information from the official website, Ultracontour, is a new therapeutic combined device that has been touted to produce non-invasive Ultrasound body shaping. Similar to ultrasound liposuction, ultracontour uses high power acoustic sound waves that are precisely localized and precisely controlled. The breakthrough is in the use of multisequential ultrasonic waves which have been specifically developed to treat the fat cells and drain the fluids and the waste immediately after HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) session.

How much fats can be removed by ultracontour

expect a reduction of up to 2cm from the waist measurement after the first treatment. Most patients see a reduction in 3–5 circumferential cms after a course of five or less treatments, spaced a week apart. According to the reports, the fat loss is permanent so there is little worry about the rebounding of the fats.

Ultracontour side effects

One of the most common question asked by many is the issue of side effects.  Currently, there are no expected side effects as the procedure is non invasive and there is no actual surgery. This means no bruising, no swelling, no internal bleeding. If you are one that are afraid of pain, then you might consider ultracontour.

Real review

The review is taken from this particular link: http://www.realself.com/plastic_surgery/liposuction/ultrashape_review/ultracontour.html

I have reproduced the actual review here for your reading experience:

“I have had two sessions on the Ultracontour and it works great. The results are immediate, not 7 days as has been written, I lost a total of 6cm on the abdomen and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It is still a very expensive treatment, I hope that soon the prices will go down and become more available to everyone. Also, it takes about 1 1/2 hours to two hours, Not 45 minutes as said above, and it is an amazing feeling to get up from the table, look in the mirror and actually SEE that you’ve just lost some fat. It’s worth it definetely”

Where can I find ultracontour available

Currently, this non surgical ultracontour treatment is mostly available European countries such as France, Greece, UK etc, similar to another technique called Ultrashape, which I promised I will cover in a later post. In fact, I will do a post that covers ultracontour vs ultrashape.

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