Ultrasonic liposuction

This guide will review the different ultrasonic or ultrasound liposuction procedures in the market. We will also provide liposuction pricing information about each of these techniques. If you want to find out more about how ultrasonic lipo works, please keep on reading.

What is ultrasound liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction is the use of sound waves to removal fats helps to contour our body.  How it works is simple to understand. In the traditional tumescent liposuction, surgeon will insert hollow cannulas to extract the fats after injecting a tumescent solution. For ultrasonic liposuction, another ultrasound cannula is used. This type of cannula comes with the sound emitting mechanism that uses a high frequency sound wave to loosen and the body fats before extracting them out using the hollow cannulas.

Does ultrasound liposuction work

Majority of the patients, out of a survey of 100 patients, more than 70% said that they would support ultrasound liposuction. This is good evidence suggesting that this procedure is effective and why people are supporting it.

What is the side effects of ultrasonic liposuction

While ultrasound assisted liposuction makes it less likely for a surgeon to physically cause damge to a patient’s internal tissues and nerves, there is the danger from excessive heat from the sound waves. If the surgeon is inexperienced, he might cause burns to the patient’s internal tissues.

What are the different types of ultrasonic liposuction

Many different companies have come up with different ultrasound based technology to help surgeons perform their job better. However, it is to be noted that it is the surgeon that will make the surgery a success. Be beware of Board certified surgeons as they may not be equipped with the right skill to do the job well.

The most widely accepted ultrasound assisted liposuction is vaser liposuction. Due to the way the sound waves pulses on and off, there is less energy given off to cause the burns but are powerful enough to assist the surgeon to melt the fats.

Ultrashape is another technology that is available European cities such as London, Spain, Paris but not available in US yet. Unike vaser liposuction, it uses sound waves from the exterior. The external ultrasound will break out the fatty acids and cause them to be remove via normal human discharge. No surgery is needed and is one of the non surgical liposuction technique that is becoming more popular. However, there is inconclusive evidence about the effectiveness about such liposuction techniques.

Will ultrasound liposction work on thighs or flanks

Ultrasound liposuction works well on large areas such as stomach, thighs or back. For smaller areas such as facial, chin or neck, it is less ideal. Instead, if you want to perform a small area liposuction such as neck liposuction, then laser lipo would be a more suitable choice as the laser allows it to focus on small areas.

What is the cost of ultrasound liposuction

Depending on the techniques that you have chosen, the cost will be different. For vaser liposuction, the average cost is around USD5,200. In an upcoming post, I will look in details on what is the cost of vaser liposuction in different cities. Stay tuned for that post if you are interesting in liposuction prices.

When will I see results from ultrasound liposuction

In most of the cases, the results are quite obvious and can be noticed immediately. Tradition tumescent liposuction will typically cause swelling which will mask the true effects of the operation. However, for ultrasound assisted lipo like vaser, there is minimal swelling and the results are quite obvious. If you have some swelling, then it might take 1-3 months to look at the results of the operation.

Ultrasound liposuction vs laser liposuction

The main difference between ultrasound and laser liposuction lies in the way the fats are loosen. For laser lipo, it uses the heat from the laser to melt the fats. Due to the different mechanism used, there are notficaiton differences in some of the ways they are used. Ultrasound lipo is good for large areas while laser lipo is good for smaller area. This is because laser lipo is quite slow as surgeons need to be careful after operating the laser. Hence, it is more suitable to treat smaller areas.

Is ultrasound liposuction better than laser liposuction

The answer is no. As explained in the above paragraph, each of these techniques are suitable for a certain size area. However, as laser emits more heat than sound waves, there is higher possibility of laser lipo causing burns to the patient as compared to sound based procedures such as vaser lipo.

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