Ultrasound liposuction cost How much is ultrasound liposuction

This is a pricing guide that will tell how much does ultrasound liposuction cost in different cities and countries. The date we have surveyed is based on real prices that patients have contributed.  So, if you want to know how much is ultrasound liposuction in Sydney, Canada or any other developed countries, this price guide is for you.

Ultrasound (ultrasonic) liposuction cost in Florida

The average cost for ultrasound lipo in Florida is around uSD4,500 to USD5,000 in cities such as St. Petersburg. There are some cheaper surgeons that I have found.

Jacksonville, Florida: Dr Kirk charges USD1,800 for this procedure which is the cheapest price for ultrasonic lipo that I have seen. According to the review, the surgery was not that painful and the operation was effective in removing the fats.

Tampa, FL: Dr F. Saba – Esteem Medspa is asking for USD4,000 for his service, which have received good reviews.  The review says that “Extremely caring, very supportive and very, very good customer service.”.

Punta Gorda, FL: Dr. Michael Stampar also offers a very affordable service as he charges only USD3,000 for his service. Not only is the price cheap but the customer service is apparently good as well (Dr. and his asst are amazing, caring and the best!!)

Fortlauderdale, FL: Dr Paul Wigoda, MD charges USD4,500 for vaser lipo done on the abdomen and flanks. His office is located at The Aesthetics Institute, 1404 E. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL. The customer was very satisfied with his service as the results are obvious.

Ultrasound (ultrasonic) liposuction cost in Texas

Prices in texas was a bit wide ranging.

Austin Texas, there is a patient who reported that she had paid USD6,500 for liposuction done on her stomach.

Granbury, Texas: this is the cheapest ultrasound liposuction where Dr Donald Howser, MD charges only USD3,300 for a ultrasound lipo.

Houston, TX:  Dr. Carpenter Lipo and Laser Center, Houston, Tx. charges about USD4,100 for abdomen ultrasound liposuction,  Reviews were also positive with patients saying that “: Wonderful doctor, he is truly concerned about the patients and the results. I have already recommended him to my friends and family.”

Ultrasound (ultrasonic) liposuction cost in California

There are quite a number of cities in California that had prices:

Sacramento, CA: Dr. Andrew Kaczynski charges USD10,900 for a vaser liposuction. According to the review: “My surgeon was able to use Vaser High Def lipo to resolve issues I’d had for five years from a previous lipo surgery.”

Anaheim Hills, CA: Dr Jack Gutman charges around USD4,000 for lipo done on the outer and inner thighs.

Oxnard, CA: Dr Dr. Hanna is well liked by his patients and is obvious from this review: “He was my Ob/GYN that has gone into cosmetic medicine. Wonderful and caring! His staff is excellent!”. Prices wise, it is reasonable as Dr Hanna only charges USD5,000.

Ultrasound (ultrasonic) liposuction cost in Alaska

I can only find one data point for liposuction in Alaska.

Birmingham, AL:  Dr James C. Grotting, MD is located at Grotting Plastic Surgery, One Inverness Center Parkway, Suite 100. For a comprehensive liposuction package that includes upper/lower ab, flanks, inner thighs and knees, the cost in only USD11,500. The review was very positive, saying that “He was the most professional of the docs I consulted and seemed to be the most knowledgeable. He has impeccable credentials and he has a kind demeanor and seems to really take an interest in your goals.”

Ultrasound (ultrasonic) liposuction cost in DC

Washington, DC:  Dr Roger J. Friedman, MD, Bethesda Plastic Surgeon charges USD14,500 for vaser liposuction done on the stomach and flanks. His office is located at Plastic Surgery Institute of Washington 11210 Old Georgetown Rd

Ultrasound (ultrasonic) liposuction cost in Nevada

Las Vegas, NV: In this city of gambling, the cost for ultrasound lipo done on the lower abs is around USD2,500, which is cheaper than most of what we review here.  However, the customer is not sure whether the operation is as successful as she cannot see the results.

Ultrasound (ultrasonic) liposuction cost in NYC

In New York City, the cost is slightly more expensive, although there was much variation. One patient reported USD5,000 for operation done on her back while another patient reported USD12,000 on his abs and chest

(Update: see more information on where to find cheap liposuction specialists in this new post called liposuction nyc)

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