Vaser lipo in London

Vaser lipo is getting popular in London. As a result, there are now quite a number of clinic offering affordable vaser lipo prices. If you are looking for such clinics, the below are some of the names you might want to consider. However, before going into that, I want to recap on the benefits of vaser lipo and what are the potential drawbacks.

Vaser lipo uses radio vibration to loosen and melt the fat in your body before using a non intrusive technique to extract the fats. The process requires only a tiny insertion into your body and hence is less painful and requires less recovery time if you compared to the traditional liposuction.  It is ideal for difficult to reach or small areas like your facial parts (chin vaser lipo, neck vaser lipo, face vaser lipo etc). However, for big areas such stomach, traditional liposuction might be a better choice.

The downside of vaser liposuction is the cost. Because vaser lipo uses expensive equipment, the charging fees will be higher in order to recover the investment. However, the prices of vaser lipo are dropping so it is good news for those who are considering this operation.

If you are living in London, there are a couple of clinics that you might want to consider. No harm paying them a call to find out more information about vaser lipo and whether it is suitable for you.

Body perfect clinic is based in Harley Street, London. They have been doing vaser lipo for a while and have experienced doctors such as Dr Jabbar who is well known for her skills in cosmetic surgery. If you are looking for vaser lipo and lives around hthe Harley Street area, you can pop up for more information.

Cadogan clinic is another vaser liposuction specialist clinic. They specialised in vaser lipo and looks to be capable of handling such operations. As stated in their site, “The Cadogan Clinic offers patients an initial consultation directly with a fully qualified and experienced consultant…At the Cadogan Clinic, our surgeons are handpicked by our Medical Advisory Committee, which provides assurance that we’re dealing only with the best surgeons that have top quality experience”. They are based in 120 Sloane Street,London.

There are a couple more such clinics in London specialising in vaser lipo. I will touch more about them in my next post. In the meanwhile, if you are need more information, just browse around my section on vaser lipo.

Updated: I have added a second post on vaser lipo in London.

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