Vaser liposuction prices

Want to know how much vaser liposuction cost? This article will give you a pricing guide based on the different cities and states in the US. If there are further interests in the topic, I will cover vaser lipo prices in other countries in Europe such as France, UK, Spain, Greece and even Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Vaser lipo or vaser liposelection is a surgical technique that uses soundwaves to first loosen the fats before surgeons will remove them via hollow cannula. This procedure, when compared to tumescent liposuction, has the benefit of being less damaging to the patient’s internal nerves and tissues. Hence, for both women and men who likes to reduce their dress size or who wants a hourglass figure, it is a much preferred technique as the recovery time is faster.

In the section below, we will be looking at some real number from actual patients who have undergo vaser liposuction in the various cities and states.

What is the cost of vaser liposuction in Florida

In Fort Lauderdale, Flordia, Dr gary chierico charges USD7000 for a combined procedure of vaser and smart lipo. The patient was satisfied with the treatment, saying that “the doctor takes his time to make sure all fat is remove, he does not stop because the limit per area is 1 or 2 hours. He spent 4 hours fixing my knees and thighs to make sure the results are the best”

What is the cost of vaser liposuction in New York

In NYC, Dr Lucie Capek, MD, a Albany Plastic Surgeon, charges USD8,000 for vaser liposuction done on the stomach, thighs and arms. Her patient recommended her with a glowing reviews saying that: “I absolutely loved her and her office staff. Very kind, thorough, patient, precise and honest. She was the only DR out of 4 consultations that took her own pictures and measurements and did a thorough medical history. She spent so much time with me and my other Dr both in person and on the phone. She was wonderful.” If you are interested to contact Dr Lucie, her office is located at 713 Troy-Schenectady Road Suite 308, Suite 308, Latham, NY

(Updates: see more information about liposuction nyc in this new article)

What is the cost of vaser liopsuction prices in Los Angeles, California

Dr Carol Ridenour charges around USD7,500 for vaser lipo done on the hips, abdomen, saddle bags and and back. For so many areas, the prices are auctally quite affordable. Service wise, her patients has this to say: “Experienced, well respected, thoroughly explained procedure and realistic expectations.”

What is cost of vaser liposuction in Texas

There is one of the states where I couldn’t find any real data so apologies to readers searching for such info. However, you can take the above prices as references.In addition, I have posted about liposuction prices in Texas on my post on how much does liposuction cost.

Overall, the average cost of vaser liposuction is around UD7,000 from the prices above. However, do note that such prices will differ by the amount of fats that need to be removed as well as the experience and qualifications on the doctor.

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    my name is amad 36 yrs old want to liopsection from chin and abdomen i am in pakistan plz tell me what is the cast and other charges

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