Water lipo cost How much does water jet liposuction cost

This is one of the most comprehensive article you will find on water lipo. We will cover information about water lipo prices, procedures and where you can find the best surgeons to conduct this liposuction.

Since my first article on water liposuction, I have some queries that I have not covered in my first post and needs to be answered. If you want to know basic things such as how does water liposuction work, then I suggest that you read that post first.

how much is water lipo

This is a common question since people are always about costing issue. If you want to know how much liposuction cost in general, please click on the link to read more pricing reviews. For water or aqua liposuction, the average cost ranges from USD4,000 to USD6,000, depending on the amount of fats you want to get rid of, the experience of the surgeon and where the surgery is held.  For example, water liposuction in Chicago or Colorado will be cheaper than cities such as London, New York or Beverly Hills.

Water lipo vs laser liposuction

Another common question people have is concerning the difference between different procedures. Ultimately, it is the surgeon that will account for whether your body contouring will be successful. The type of procedure only accounts for a smaller proportion of your satisfaction rate with your operation.

Between the two procedures, water assisted lipo can said to be cheaper than laser lipo. It is also less invasive. However, the effectiveness of water lipo is not yet proven but we might need to wait for more results before making any conclusions.

Best surgeons for water lipo

I found two patient reviews who recommended their doctors. Below are the names and a brief summary of what the reviews said:

Dr Jourdan Gottlieb, MD, a Seattle Plastic Surgeon. His office is currently at Plastic Surgery Seattle , 1600 E Jefferson St
Suite 501. In terms of cost, he charges USD4,000 for water lipo done the abdomen area.  The review specfically said that “They were a dream to work with. I’ve never had any surgery/stitches and they were so caring”.

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth, Plano Aesthetics also comes with positive reviews. According to the patient, “my Dr was very professional, didn’t setup false expectations (might have made it seem procedure/recovery would be slightly less painful) but do not think even a doctor can know how each individual will react and he did state this.” In terms of prices, Dr Jeffery charges around USd6,000.

Is water lipo painful

Any liposuction procedure will be painful, especially during the recovery period. Water lipo is no exception. If you want a pain free experience, you can try non surgical liposuction such as zerona laser, zeltiq, or liposonix.

Cost of water liposuction in different cities and states

Updated: due to interest in water lipo prices, I will updated this article with more detail prices in the different following cities:

Water liposuction schaumburg
Water liposuction chicago
Water liposuction tampa
Water liposuction utah

In fact, I am going to have another new article that touches on how much is water liposuction in canada and its different cities including toronto and Vancouver.

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