What is water liposuction

If you want to know more water liposuction, this is the right place as we are providing a comprehensive guide to everything you want to know about water liposuction (as well as laser liposuction and vaser liposuction). In the following paragraphs, you will learn everything about this new water based liposuction technique that is starting to attract the attention of people looking for a non invasive type of body contouring.

How does water liposuction work

Water liposuction has many names. It is also known as water assisted liposuction and body jet liposuction. No matter it is called, know that it  was developed in 2006 in Germany. It uses high pressure water to loosen the fats before they are removed using suction method. During the injection of the water, anesthesia is also delivered to the targeted area.

Is water assisted liposuction effective

While it is nice to believe that there is a magical method that work, the reality is that the surgeon plays the most important role. You should always look a Board certified surgeon who have tremendous experience in conducting liposuction. If such a surgeon uses water liposuction, it will be a bonus. You should always focus on the surgeon first. The tool is just a means to an end.

Is water liposuction safe

As long as the surgeon is Board certified, you will be in safe hands. However, the truth is that there are a lot of non certified surgeons who uses such new technology and claim that it can help you to lose weight and look better. In US, doctors are allowed to performed cosmetic surgery even though they may not have the expertise to do so. Hence, if you encounter any doctor who says they can perform water liposuction, please check whether they are Board certified before making any commitments.

Where can I find water liposuction

Bodyjet liposuction is still a relatively new procedure. That being said, it is already available lots of states including water liposuction in Colorado, Utah, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, canada etc. An easy way to find these service is the type of the keyword “water liposuction” + the name of the city you are living in. Google will then give you a local listing who offers such services.

How much does water liposuction cost

Currently, the cost of water assisted liposuction is around USD5,000, not too much difference from traditional liposuction or laser liposuction. If you want cheaper water liposuction, you need to consider the locale where the surgery is conducted. The bigger the cities such as NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, the cost will naturally be higher.

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  1. Dr. Stewart, Cosmetic Surgeon Says:

    Water liposuction really is a very fascinating procedure. great brief informative post.

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