What You Need to Know About Laser Liposuction

What is laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction, also known as laser lipolysis, is a minimally invasive surgical method that has been authorized by the FDA. During this process, laser light is used to liquefy fat cells, and then the liquefied cells are removed using a thin tube known as a cannula.

Because liquefying fat makes it simpler to remove, this surgery is less invasive than regular liposuction and has a quicker recovery period.

Spurs the synthesis of collagen, which tightens the skin. This is significant because, as we become older, our skin becomes less elastic; as a result, elderly patients may be left with skin that has become loose after liposuction. (People who are younger, have had less sun damage, and have darker skin tones than average tend to have skin that is more elastic.)

Energy-based liposuction delivers the best fat removal and skin tightening, combined with contouring and shape. One example of this type of energy-based liposuction is the use of lasers.

Laser liposuction, like all other types of liposuction, is designed to treat localized areas of intractable fat deposits; it is not a method for reducing overall body fat. The ideal candidates are those in the greatest form possible prior to the treatment, with tight skin and just a few spots of resistant fat.

According to a study that was published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, “many surgeons have noted an improvement in cellulite after laser lipolysis procedures.” This means that you may find that your cellulite is less noticeable after undergoing laser lipolysis. However, laser liposuction has not been shown to reduce cellulite.

The chin, arms, and thighs are the most common locations targeted by laser liposuction, followed by the love handles and the stomach. Additionally, it may be applied to parts of the body that require some tightness, such as the neck.

What are the pros and cons of laser liposuction?


  • Since laser lipo eliminates fat in a way that is permanent, the outcomes of the procedure will be permanent as long as you continue to be the same weight.
  • In comparison to tumescent liposuction, this technique is far less invasive and has a lot shorter recovery time: only three to five days as opposed to one to two weeks.
  • In addition to reducing the amount of fat found on the body, laser liposuction can also help to tighten the skin.
  • You simply need to undergo one therapy session in order to see significant improvements.


  • Because it has been liquefied, the fat that is removed during laser liposuction cannot be used for fat transfer to other parts of the body or the face. One example of this would be in the context of a Brazilian butt lift.
  • If an improper wavelength is supplied with too much heat, laser liposuction can cause burns.
  • Getting rid of cellulite using laser liposuction therapy is not the best option available.
  • It’s also not the best option for people who are trying to cut their body weight by a large amount. Candidates that are good choices have already reached (or are very close to reaching) their goal weight prior to the operation.
  • Either a general anaesthetic or local anesthesia along with sedation will be necessary for the procedure.

How is laser liposuction done?

The procedure known as laser lipolysis can be carried out in the medical clinic. It takes around half an hour, and after it’s done, you may immediately resume your daily activities. There is no use of anaesthetic during this procedure.

Your physician will attach paddle-like applicators to the part of the body that has to be treated in order to do the laser “lipo.” The heat from the paddles is able to get through your skin and into the fat cells underneath, which causes them to heat up. The fat cell membranes become damaged as a result of the heat, which ultimately leads to the death of the fat cells. The cells that have died are subsequently absorbed by your body.

The full effects of the therapy won’t be seen for at least a month after they’ve been administered. After that, you should see a discernible change in the sculpted appearance of the region that was treated. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes, some patients require more than one therapy.

How many inches can you lose with laser liposuction?

The average person who receives this therapy may anticipate losing something in the neighborhood of 25 pounds as a result. This is the same as going down a whole trouser size for the majority of individuals, but the specifics are going to vary from person to person. It will all rely on the way your body fat is distributed as well as the area of your body that you want the fat removed from.
It’s true that some people can drop as much as 30 or 40 pounds, while others may only lose about 15, but the average amount of weight lost during weight loss is 25 pounds. Your individual outcomes will be determined by a number of factors, including the amount of total body fat you have, the amount of fat that was eliminated by the therapy, how well your body responds to the treatment, and even aspects such as your age and gender.

There are a lot of people who care more about how they look and how they feel in their clothes than they do about the number that they see on the scale. That’s great news for a lot of us, actually. The numbers that appear on the scale are prone to change, and they are unable to differentiate between the weight of fat and muscle; nevertheless, the circumference of one’s waist is a fairly excellent measure of one’s actual development.

With this particular lipo therapy, the average person may anticipate losing between one and two inches off their waist. Additionally, if you are treating either your upper arms or thighs, you can anticipate losing around an inch from each of these regions. Nevertheless, some people do end up losing more than others. The more body mass you have, the more probable it is that you will reduce your waist measurement. According to certain studies, those who have a high body mass can drop anywhere from five to ten inches by undergoing many treatments.

The marketing for laser lipo is based on the idea that it is an efficient and speedy method of removing undesirable fat. It is intended to be a process that is less intrusive, and the results are permanent since the fat cells are inactivated by the laser beam, leaving them unable to store fat any more. This makes the operation less invasive.

Is laser liposuction safe?

One of the benefits of laser lipo that is widely touted is how quickly patients may recover from the procedure; in fact, some clinics suggest that you can go back to work in as little as two days. In spite of these findings, some practitioners have been reluctant to embrace laser lipo, claiming lengthier procedure durations, an increased risk of adverse responses, and a lack of data proving superiority over conventional liposuction.

If you are thinking about undergoing laser lipolysis, you might want to reconsider your decision. The laser lipo procedure comes with the risk of experiencing serious consequences. In the pursuit of having the perfect physique, laser lipo is advertised as a risk-free cure-all for extra fat. However, no one discusses the possibility that laser lipo may go wrong, despite the fact that this is a possibility.

The process of using a laser to liquefy the fat in parts of the body that need to be altered is referred to as laser lipo. Infection, skin necrosis, dimpling, lumpiness, numbness, scarring, discolouration, or drooping skin are some of the potential dangers associated with laser lipo, in addition to the discomfort that might occur in the area that has been surgically treated. Burning of the underlying skin can be a side effect of having a laser put under the skin; this is because the laser causes the skin to heat up. The surgical incision may cause ongoing discomfort for several months.

Although you may see an immediate difference in your look, having cosmetic surgery is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and eating habits. It is essential that you be aware that although though laser lipo may be able to alter the form of your body, it is unable to address difficulties related to your way of life.

In addition, the look of cellulite and stretch marks will not be improved by using this product. Infection, blood clots, and scarring are only some of the potential risks and consequences that are associated with this operation, as are the risks and difficulties associated with any surgical procedure. It is far more effective to make adjustments to one’s lifestyle that are meant to last and to lose weight by changing one’s diet and increasing physical activity.

Is laser liposuction effective?

In a limited clinical trial of the Zerona laser, which was funded by the company that makes the device, researchers discovered that patients lost an average of two centimeters off each leg in addition to losing an inch from their waist and hips. Despite this, the majority of patients recovered back at least part of the lost inches within just two weeks of ceasing therapy with the medication. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sufficient trust in the therapy to grant its approval for widespread usage in the United States.

Bloch emphasizes that this treatment is not a “miracle cure” of any kind. “This isn’t a magic bullet; it’s just supplemental medicine. It is intended to make your healthy diet and exercise routine more successful, particularly if you are at a stage when you have reached a plateau in your weight loss efforts. You will still need to put in the effort, but having this resource will make your efforts more fruitful.” She suggests that her customers who are about to get laser fat removal eat a very clean diet, exercise moderately, put on compression undergarments, and drink as much water as if going to the bathroom were an Olympic event.

Does laser liposuction hurt?

You will be given a local anesthetic before having minimally invasive laser lipolysis performed on you. During the process, you will feel nothing more than a little amount of pressure or heat on your skin. After the procedure, you may experience some discomfort for three to four days, and you may have swelling and bruising for up to four weeks.

You shouldn’t experience any discomfort when having laser lipo done to you. Before the treatment, you will most likely receive some local anesthetic, which will assist keep the region numb during the process. The quantity of time it will take to complete the process is contingent on the particular kind of laser lipo that is being utilized as well as the number of places that need to be treated on your body.

How long until lipo lumps go away?

The majority of the lumps that remain after liposuction will improve with time, and the vast majority will go within six months. After a year of recovery, your surgeon may need to remove a lump if it continues to be unpleasant or painful, especially if it has persisted. After a year, patients who have lumpiness or unevenness of the skin may require revision surgery or a procedure that removes excess skin, such as a Tummy tuck.

Does fat return after laser liposuction?

After laser liposuction, the fat cells that are eliminated will never return to the area where they were removed. However, the existing fat cells in the region have the potential to expand in size as the person gains weight, and brand-new fat cells may also emerge. Even while a small number of fat cells will almost certainly perish when being moved to a new site, the vast majority of fat cells will be able to survive the operation.

When determining how much fat to transfer after each treatment, Your Doctor takes into account the loss rate that occurs during these procedures. Patients who have undergone laser lipo should also be aware that fluctuations in their weight might have an effect on both the liposuction and fat transfer sites. Avoiding big shifts in weight is unquestionably the most effective strategy to keep the benefits of your laser lipo procedure intact for a good number of years.

What parts of the body can you have liposuction?

Liposuction removes fat from body areas that haven’t responded to diet and exercise including:

  • Abdomen
  • Armpits
  • Buttocks.
  • Lower legs.
  • Chest
  • back
  • Hips
  • thighs
  • Chin
  • neck

What is the difference between laser lipo and liposuction?

Laser lipolysis, commonly known as laser lipo, is a technique that may be utilized for retouching prior liposuction procedures that left abnormalities in the skin, as well as for usage following surgery that left the patient with drooping skin.

Since the fatty deposits are treated with a cannula in “traditional” liposuction, there is increased risk of trauma and bleeding during the procedure.

The laser lipo technique causes less mechanical trauma since it coagulates the tiny blood vessels, hence minimizing the amount of bleeding and bruising that occurs. The primary benefit of laser lipolysis over traditional liposuction is that it entails a much speedier and less painful recovery than traditional liposuction does. This is because the inflammation that occurs after the surgery is considerably less severe, and the treatment as a whole is not as intrusive.

The quick constriction of the skin that is induced by laser lipolysis makes it possible to treat parts of the body that are traditionally difficult to access through traditional liposuction procedures (which often leads to a poor response in the contraction or irregularities during the post-liposuction period).

Additionally, laser lipo may be used to address and reshape the most traditional problem regions, like the cartridges, glutes, abdominal region, and sides. The high level of satisfaction experienced by both patients and practitioners following laser liposuction stands out as the procedure’s defining quality.

When compared to traditional liposuction, what are the benefits of laser lipo?

  • The impact of tissue contraction helps to avoid post-liposculpture flaccidity and contour abnormalities, which in turn generates a more uniform contraction of the skin.
  • In contrast to conventional liposuction, laser lipo therapy uses a precise emission to destroy the fat, which results in a “melting” effect while preserving the tissue structures that are around the treated area.
  • Both haematomas and bleeding can be efficiently avoided thanks to the coagulative impact that the laser has on the microcirculation of the affected area.
  • Because this therapy is less stressful than others, the time needed for recovery is significantly reduced.
  • The needed incision is around one millimeter in length.
  • Procedures involving the removal of low to medium amounts of fat or regions that are confined can be carried out under local anesthesia.
  • The laser lipo procedure may be performed on any part of the body.
  • It makes it possible to enhance and retouch prior liposuction operations that may have produced poor outcomes.
  • Laser lipo can be used in conjunction with traditional liposuction to achieve a strong healing response in the skin contracture of the treated region when removing high volumes of fat.

How many Laser Lipo sessions are needed?

In order to attain the best possible outcomes, eight Laser Lipo treatments are required. It takes some time for the fat cells to start gradually dismantling themselves, and this process will take place over the course of the eight sessions. 8 treatments of thirty minutes each are spread out over a period of (usually) four weeks to make up a Laser Lipo course.

How do you get the best results of laser lipo?

Getting laser liposuction is an excellent approach to get rid of excess fat while at the same time giving your skin a youthful glow. a list of very easy recommendations to assist you in achieving the best possible outcomes.

  • Choose to Engage in Resistance Training

Although laser liposuction is easier on your skin than traditional liposuction since it first disintegrates fat deposits before removing them, some people may choose to engage in resistance training once they have fully healed in order to get the best possible benefits from the procedure. This does not imply that you spend a considerable amount of time working out at the gym. In point of fact, it may just take sixty minutes of strength training and weight lifting to see significant improvements. Your skin may tighten up even more as a result of doing these activities.

Resistance workouts are beneficial because they help replace old fat with the new muscles that are required to maintain the skin in place. After undergoing laser liposuction in Boston, your skin will ultimately become more toned and supple.

  • Drink a Lot of Water

Even before beginning treatment, a member of our staff will recommend that you consume a lot of water. It is also essential to consume a large amount of it once the therapy has been completed. When the body receives an adequate amount of water, it is able to:

  • Make your skin silky smooth
  • Calm skin that’s been inflamed
  • Applying natural oils to the surface of the skin.

If you have sensitive skin, increasing the amount of water you drink after having laser liposuction in Boston will help you recover from the procedure more quickly.

  • Think About Getting a Treatment That Will Tighten Your Skin.

After having laser liposuction, one of the best things you can do to take care of your skin is to get treatments that tighten the skin. These treatments can go deeper under the skin to help tighten it without causing any significant pain or discomfort to the patient. These therapies do not involve surgery and have the potential to be very helpful on a variety of problem areas.

  • Observe a Healthy Way of Life at All Times

You may be able to heal completely and accomplish a lot by following the advice shown above. But how can you keep the outcomes you’ve achieved? It’s not complicated; just keep up your healthy diet and consistent workout routine. If you commit to leading a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years to come.

How long do you wear a garment after laser lipo?

Following the majority of liposuction operations, it is advised that patients continue to wear compression garments for around six weeks. There are three rather compelling explanations for this. You might believe that your body can heal itself, but the truth is that it responds best when given some guidance.

How much does laser liposuction cost in United Arab Emirates?

Patient-to-patient, laser liposuction costs vary. Price depends on parts of the body to be treated and aesthetic goals. Laser liposuction costs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can range between 4000 AED to 15000 AED. After the consultation, the doctor will establish the pricing.

Laser liposuction before and after photos

    Laser liposuction Reviews


    1. I’m 42 with 3 kids and have always worked out but my stomach has always been a little pudgy I’ve worked it off before but it was 6 months of hard core dieting and exercise. So I looked into laser liposuction I really liked there was no downtime. Did 3 different consultations first two didn’t think it would make that much difference. 3rd doctor I really liked showed me pictures of ladies equivalent to my size and their results. I got it done October 21, I wore the garment for 6 weeks I also did a laser 2x a week that is included in the price to tighten skin. I’m 10 weeks out and not sure what I think I’m still having swelling in my lower abdomen they say im exercising too hard, but I’m doing my normal workout, I tried to ease into it, its been very frustrating bc I’ll get swelling just if I have elastic jammy pants on, curious if anyone has had anything similar happen? I’m back wearing my garment during the day and with working out. I’ve tried lymphatic massage on myself but have thought about going to a professional. Here are my before and after

    2. I had been considering liposuction for sometime after doing my research and a few consultations I decided to go with laser Lipo. Two different doctors told me that I needed to get a small tummy tuck which I really didn’t want. I decided to go with laser lipo. I am glad I decided against going with those doctors because the laser liposuction so far is giving me fantastic results and the loose skin that those doctors thought I would have after the procedure isn’t there. My skin is actually contracting back nicely and I am only 18 days out from my surgery day. I’m starting to see abs for the first time in years. My doctor, Dr. Shaffner was amazing. He took his time with me before the procedure and during the procedure. He’s an artist at his craft, and that’s why he takes his time. He explained to me what type of results I could possibly get out of the procedure. I believe even he will be shocked at how amazing my skin is contracting back when I have my follow up with him. He was concerned about visceral fat and me not achieving a flat stomach but I think all in all my stomach looks pretty damn good and flat. Anyway, If you have been considering getting liposuction I would highly suggest Dr. Adam Shaffner and laser Lipo.

      I would also highly suggest also getting lymphatic massages the day after your procedure. They have done wonders for the draining process and helping with keeping my stomach from forming fibrosis aka hard spots. I’m sad I don’t have before pics. They are crazy compared to how I look now.

    3. It’s been 9 months since I went here and had liposuction done by Dr. Anh Ngo. She seemed legit and got my really excited. She said she could give me a “V” shape which I didn’t think was possible but okay. I wasn’t hoping for a miracle but it would be nice to lose the love handles.
      Immediately after the surgery I got a little concerned. She wrapped me with her assistant with a wrap that cut into my sides in some areas and caused other areas to bulge. I thought, “ isn’t it supposed to be a smooth wrap?” but I assumed she knew what she was doing.
      At my 6 week evaluation she noticed the cave in and said she could “pop it out” if need be. She said to come back in 6 months to check.
      It’s been 9 months and I went in to see her. Her total attitude and verbiage changed. “ I’m sorry this wasn’t what you expected” and “that’s just loose skin.” I asked her what she meant when she said she could “pop out” the cave in and she just reverted to “sorry this wasn’t what you expected”. She started to say “I apologize” at one point but stopped herself. She botched me, and she knows it.
      Additionally I asked, “so this happens a lot?” And she said “no” and I said “oh so just to me”. The look in her face was all I needed to run out as soon as possible before giving her another cent of my money or another moment of my time.
      Sadly the cave in is noticeable and I still have pockets of fat causing me to look deformed. She calls her work “body contouring”. Does this look contoured to you?
      It is really humiliating to have to post these pictures under my account with my name that my friends see, but hopefully it will stop someone from making the same mistake I did by going to this office. I very depressed about my deformity and hopefully I can find a true artist, a true body contour doctor to help me.

    4. From my initial lipo procedure, my contouring results were slow and disappointing. While I had thr bulk of my large apron like tummy reduced, still had residual fat that left a ledge over my pubes, not really a fupa. So I went in for my double chin and my face feels like it was falling but was *convinced * I could get flatter and smoother with another round of lipo to my upper& lower abs, flanks and bra strap areas redone. So far so good, almost 3 weeks post op and everything is looking very good! I should have visited for a retouch sooner, I wasn’t thinking about it and life happened. I have been looking good enough lol and still being active and in the gym. Covid hit and I wasn’t as active, prob over ate and gained a few lbs but I wasn’t sloppy or extra. Maybe my body settling to its chubby phase was just better. But the recovery has been crazy. Not a fan of that. Lol

    5. I am now 3 months post-op. I can still see and feel swelling. I am doing lymphatic massages 1-2 times per week, which helps. My friend who is about 3 months ahead of me in terms of recovery says that she is waking up super defined, so hopefully once I get to 6 months everything is perfect! I no longer wear the faja, although it does help with controlling swelling. For me, I hate wearing it. I took it off after about 8-10 weeks. I am back consistently in the gym because it no longer hurts to work out, so hopefully my next progress pics will begin to show more muscle definition. A lasting side effect I have noticed is that I am not as flexible, and sometimes when I twist too far it hurts. I think this will go away with time because it seems to be getting easier week-by-week.

    6. Really disappointed with the results of this procedure. Saved up for quite a while to get it done and was had high hopes for a great outcome, but after several months I’ve realized that I overpaid for a procedure that produced a mediocre outcome. At best, there’s been a slight/subtle improvement, but certainly NOT worth the more than 5k it cost me.
      I hope my review will help other women make informed decisions regarding lipo and assist them with their body positive journeys.
      A little info about me:
      I have an athletic build, I ran track in high school & college, and I’m still pretty fit with muscle tone in most areas of my body. I had a small waist in college, so I knew it was still there lol (see attached pics for reference), but was now hiding underneath the fat I’ve I’ve accumulated over the years. I’d gained about 25 lbs since my “small waist” days, and my clothes weren’t fitting properly. I’ve seen so many women post before/after pictures of their lipo procedures… and there were so many beautiful results, I figured it was worth looking into.
      I’m aware that the Dr. I ultimately chose (Dr. Vendetti) is not a plastic surgeon but, he’s a highly respected Dr. with a medical degree and a very professional, safety oriented practice. That said, I did speak to a plastic surgeon before getting my laser/smartlipo done (the PS quote for traditional lipo was actually less expensive & would’ve included more conturing of my waist), but unfortunately I choose to do laser lipo, because Dr. Vendetti’s office promoted laser lipo as much easier on the body and said recovery time would be significantly less than with traditional lipo.
      In reality, the healing process from laser lipo is about the same as traditional… but traditional lipo has the capacity to remove higher volumes of fat. Perhaps a highly experienced plastic surgeon might be able to achieve dramatic results with laser lipo, but that most don’t offer laser lipo, and there’s a reason. The cost, and risk to benefit ratio is not efficient.
      It should also be noted that the liquefied fat from laser turns into a coagulated “mass” that can take several months to dissolve or fully dissipate. I had a few RF treatments at Dr. Vendetti’s office following the procedure that were help with that ( 3 were included with my package price and the 4th I paid an additional $200 for).
      Anyhow, it’s been about 6 months since my surgery and my results are still really underwhelming. There wasn’t much improvement in terms of my stomach size in relation to the rest of my body (hope that makes sense), and actually I find the shape of my abdomen more irregular/less flattering than it was prior to the procedure.
      A month ago, I met with a plastic surgeon who specializes in lipo & body conturing and was told that a significantly better result could have been achieved based on my body type. He also said that I should have been instructed to faithfully wear my compression garment consistently for several weeks (my post op instruction stated I should wear it for a week or so, then as needed); this has a big impact on final outcome as well. I think the importance of this was not stressed enough by the office that did my procedure Ultimately I really feel I wasted $5,000 for a procedure with a mediocre outcome. It’s distressing and I decided that I should work on doing things the old fashioned way.
      For the past couple months I’ve been eating a healthier diet & consistent exercise regimen and lost 10 lbs. So that’s has helped me flatten my tummy a bit, but I’d imagine that if it wasn’t for my weight-loss, my stomach would look about the same as it did before my lipo procedure. I did 3 follow up appointments with Dr. Vendetti over 1 month intervals, but I’m currently out of the country, so I didn’t return for the final post op appointment (where they take your “results” pictures). Even if I was not abroad, I probably would’ve opted not to do the post-op results pictures, because most of the changes I’ve seen in my abdomen are related to weightloss from diet and exercise.
      Although this has been a hard/expensive lesson, I’d still consider another lipo procedure in the future, but only with a PS who specializes in body contouring. My advice to anyone considering lipo is to consult with board certified, respected plastic surgeons that have a solid track record + history of positive reviews (RELATED to the procedure you want to have). Consult with and receive pricing from at least 3 doctors and go with the Dr. you feel will help you achieve your best outcome possible.

    7. I had Tri-Sculpt E/X with lipo of mid section, and back. I did not feel much besides around bony areas. I chose the procedure due to not wanting general anesthesia or have to be at home for six weeks to heal. The doctors and staff were pleasant and answered as I asked. Only frustration was not having a post op appointment before I left the procedure. I am just getting in 12 days later. I am a nurse and work with nurses so I was okay but anyone else that’s not okay. I did my own research and planned ahead for after care. I have a staging for my arms 3 months after as I did not like they said they were busy even though I knew others were getting their surgeries. The outcome was as expected and I don’t regret it thus far.

    8. The Experience: From the first appointment to the third month after the surgery, the front office staff has been professional, efficient and easy to work with. This office is a well oiled machine and is hyper sensitive to their clients’ needs. The Results: One word. Amazing. I chose to lipo my Abs, Waist and Inner Thighs Dr. Aric Aghayan (or Dr. A as I like to call him) was a miracle worker. He had a great partner in Yvette Guzman LPN. Together they worked magic. I cannot begin to tell you how transformed my body is. Funny, three months in, I haven’t really lost that much weight, maybe 15 lbs but the inches I’ve lost are insane. Best way to describe is with pictures. I’m attaching them to this review. Really great work! I highly recommend. If you are on the fence, Do it! You will wish you did it sooner. Couple of things to note: 1. Invest in a compression garnment once the ones they give you are too loose. I ordered a smaller one from the same brand that Sono Bello provided. I wore that garnment for 2 and a half months before I just couldn’t stand it anymore. 2. MOVE. You have to move as much as possible. The first two weeks I was logging 20,000 steps a day because my body was antsy. When I didn’t move for a good amount of time, I noticed I was a lot more sore. 3. Take lots of pictures and your measurments. It’s hard to get perspective otherwise. Weighing yourself will not give you the validation of just how much your body is changing. Good Luck Everyone! Wishing you all the best results!

    9. I’m 33 and have 3 kids, which I had pretty spaced out. I gained about 50-55lbs each pregnancy, and after each kid I would lose the weight but still have that pouch and some loose skin. I exercise and walk a lot, my diet could be better but I have celiac and don’t like being restricted by that already. Now that we are done having kids, I decided I wanted to fix this. I went to 2 different plastic surgeons, one said since I had 3 kids there was no way I could just do laser lipo and looked at me and said tummy tuck, yikes! That seemed a little extreme. Then the second plastic surgeon looked at me and said I was the perfect candidate for laser lipo. Yay! We decided I would have my abdomen and flanks done. So I scheduled my procedure date, got some labs done, and picked up my meds. The Dr’s office also gave me Sintech to start taking 24 hours before the procedure for bruising. The day finally came and I was nervous and excited. I wasn’t put under, just given meds that made me totally out it and I felt sooo weird, when the nurse asked how I was feeling, all I could say was “crazy”. I got 5 incisions, belly button, low pubic area, top of buttcrack, and both lower sides of hips. I do remember saying “ow” a few times during. I think it took a total of 2 for it all and all went well. I went home and ate ice cream…why? I do not know, but I got nauseous and really bad heartburn, so I took my meds and went to bed (it was a late afternoon appt.) The next day was pretty bad, pain wise. I didn’t want to move, woke up feeling nauseus again which was thankfully the last time feeling that. But everytime I would drink even just water or eat, it burned. Like heartburn but instant burning pain when I swallowed. That went on until the 26th, so about 11 days. As the days went on pain got less and less, I couldn’t fit into jeans for a little over a week. Which kind of sucked since Christmas was here. But I pulled off some leggings and bigger shirt. The garment I was given is uncomfortable and creases dig into my back, which causes pain. I order some SPANX, so hoping this helps once they get here. As of now I am happy with doing laser lipo, each day a little more of the swelling goes down. My tummy and lower back is still numb, but that will go away. I will update and add more photos in a couple weeks.

    10. I am 44 years old and after 2 pregnancies my abdominal region never quite was the same. I lead a very healthy lifestyle and considered myself in great physical condition but my small tummy and flaccid skin always remained no matter what I did. I tried various nonsurgical treatments but nothing helped. I am a model by profession so the changes to by body were starting to affect my work.

      Finally I decided to consult with Dr. Santiago Zuccardi in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to see what my options were. I am currently residing in Buenos Aires but I really feel that it is worth a trip to Argentina if necessary. He has patience flying in from all over the world. Dr. Zuccardi always made me feel comfortable and cared for and his level of professionalism is exemplary.

      He explained what procedure he thought would be best but he always kept my expectations realistic. We decided on laser assisted liposuction on the entire abdomen area, flanks, lower back and upper inner thigh. He also etched out areas on my abdomen waist and hips, he basically reworked my shape.

      This was the first time for me to go under general anesthesia but he made me feel at ease explaining that when done correctly it is very safe and allows him to work faster and focus on the surgery and not on my level of comfort. Because of this I had no liquid draining after the surgery and no drains, swelling and bruising was minimal. I am using arnica gel and pellets and I hardly have bruising, I am also using a flexible ab board under my faja.

      The procedure took 2 hours and he was able to remove 1kilo 400g of fat.The hospital was top notch and I was impressed by his surgical team. Dr. Zuccardi was always available to answer any question or any doubt at any moment and this was priceless to me. I am currently 13 days post operation and my recovery has been pain free and quick. Day 1 post op I could already see the vast improvements and it will only improve in the upcoming months.

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